Kenichi Matsuyama beats the omnipresent it-boy Oguri Shun to take home the 1st Eigakan Taisho


(English online source: Tokyograph) My japanese websites didn’t offer anything interesting, so it’s time to go to Tokyograph! Did I tell you that I have a huge crush on Matsuyama? (together with a million other girls i know) Text in full from Tokygraph below:

The 1st Eigakan Taisho (Movie Theater Award) was announced on Saturday. More than 6,000 movie fans voted for their number one actor or actress, and in the end, Kenichi Matsuyama earned the Grand Prize with 1,167 of the votes.

Matsuyama was one of 15 popular stars nominated for the prize, who were chosen for appearing in the most films between 2006 and 2007. Other nominees included Yu Aoi, Joe Odagiri, Shun Oguri, and Ryo Kase.

As part of the award project, the Polepole Higashinakano theater will run a special screening of some of Matsuyama’s works, scheduled from June 28 to July 4. The films include “YAMATO,” “Hito no Sex wo Warau na,” “Tsubaki Sanjuro,” “NANA,” and “Linda Linda Linda.”

It was also probably a bit sensationalist to phrase the title the way I did, but seriously, yea man! finally a prize that Shun doesn’t take home (though I can only think of the Rookie award and the Golden Arrow one at the moment). I wonder if the Yamada Yu revelation had anything to wobble many a fan’s heart and alter the results of the vote. But then again Matsuyama would have appeal to both sexes, keeping the popularity of Death Note itself in mind. HMM. Whatever. I ❤ Matsuyama.


28 Responses to “Kenichi Matsuyama beats the omnipresent it-boy Oguri Shun to take home the 1st Eigakan Taisho”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    I should be mugging but I thought would share this with you:

    I think he’s amazing…

  2. 2 Blackmoon

    Kenichi Matsuyama is the best actor

  3. you’r so amazing….
    i can;t believe that you will die on that part,,,
    i was crying when i saw you die…
    im your no#1 fan…
    tnx.. for making us happy….

  4. 4 Yazio in me

    Good acting…
    Good looking..
    N I love’re great..

  5. 5 nnnkkeennn

    ur great .
    n ur handsome .
    i love u kenichiiii.

  6. I think kenichi is coooollllllll aand his accting very good

    i’m graac3……………………

    from indonaesia……………………………………..


    sorry i can’t jaapan laanguages”””””””””””””’

  7. he………………….

    jusst kidding”””””””””;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. i hope Keniccchi……..come in indonesiaa…….

  9. 9 Anna

    L….your name in my heart

    Kenichi….Your name if i’m thinking about L

    But your so so perfect guy for me..handsome, smart, i’m really fallning love wiyh you….

    next year i will be in nihon

    i will looking for u…

    that my promise

  10. 10 Nyezzy

    Coolest L..!
    Luph ya!!

  11. 11 theta_gaara

    i think he’s amazing….
    i love kenichi!!!!
    and you’re bigfanZ!!!

  12. 12 Nuria_M

    Oh my. What should I say? Just awesome actor – to play as extraordinary character as L…

    Maybe I shouldn’t write that I’m a “fangirl”. I’m just lookin’ forward to being able to see more films with him.

    And way to go, Kenichi.

  13. 13 Rahmi

    I like your acting in Deathnote.
    It’s totally cool…
    oh my god,I hope I can meet you next time…
    I’m Rahmi from Indonesia,Nice to know you.

  14. 14 Aznie

    your very good…
    i like your acting…
    when you come in indonesia ?

  15. 15 niezzzz

    I love KENICHI……………………..4ever

  16. 16 zahra

    u acting good
    i will change my name L

  17. 17 vhiew cullen

    kenichi matsuyama llllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee my friend

  18. 18 vhiew cullen

    lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. 19 vhiew cullen

    you very cute and very hansome
    i like you…………
    because you very smart in the movie death note
    and i want going to japan for meet with you
    is my dreaming
    you know my friend too very like you
    deathnote is the best forever

  20. 20 ayu hana

    L . . .
    i very,, very,,, like you!
    tour accting is very cool!
    i like u L !
    i’m from indonesia!
    ken ichi.. i’m hope to meet you in japan or Indonesia ! !

  21. 21 Alyanna

    keep up the good work kenichi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22 Aben

    Your’e the best thing that could ever happen to a girl!!~

    I love you sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

    Come to India And Visit Nagaland!!~~

    I love you

  23. 23 Debi bajet

    I really love KENICHI MATSUYAMA…

    I’m ur n0.1fan here in da filpins..

    I d0nt kn0w if i lyk u because of deathn0te. .or i love u bc0z ur cul…

    Since i l0ve u. . I imitate m0st of ur m0ves lyk..
    L way of typing..
    L way lyk of eatng swits
    And L way walkng

  24. 24 Debi bajet

    Oh 1 thng m0re. . He was in 1litre of tears. .he was da sempai of aya…2o diff.ryt?

  25. 県に地 くん
    あいしてる ます!!!!!!!!!!!*-*

  26. I’m Rima from INDONESIA-
    Can you come to Indonesia ?
    indonesia is a beauty and amazing country
    Your fans everywhere from indonesia So Happy ,but you so come to Indonesia OKe!

  27. 27 FIA

    love ur style kenichi ….. ^_^

  28. i just simply admire the way he act…
    i think, i’m willing to watch more of his movies…
    for me Ken’inchi Matsuyama is just simple as a typical guy
    i meet everyday…
    i just knew him by the screen
    it is impossible for me…whaaatever!!!!
    *shake-hands & a bow for a nice acting skill

    meldan from

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