Oguri Shun admits his relationship like a man


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Actually this was reported in Mainichi also but the Japanese used at Entame is way easier to comprehend for a noob like me. Late into the night last night, Shun-kun appeared on his regular radio program and unapologetically admitted that “[She is] a very important girlfriend.” とても大切なガールフレンドです!(sounds a bit weird in english but that’s what the words in red literally mean.

He also said because there was speculation, he had to come out and say it. Okay he said more things, which I will paste below in Japanese. I have one more exam tomorrow, and I’m totally crazy for even coming online. -_-” . Good night people!

(But must translate the bottom of Entame: “Sasuga Oguri Shun!” Indeed, that’s Oguri Shun – his unhesitating, unapologetic manner!  — this just sounded terribly kakkoii of Shun. Heh)



2 Responses to “Oguri Shun admits his relationship like a man”

  1. 1 Justine

    omg! i want the subtitles!! what did he say??!?

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