Belated: Vivian Hsu’s 33rd birthday party



(Chinese source: here) This is belated! Her birthday was March 19th, but the newspaper article dates 26th March 2008. So I luckily I’m not THAT late. Not a particularly BIG Vivian Hsu fan, just thought of baidu-ing her because of her Sugizo-connection, and cos Sugizo is playing hide’s guitar part at the memorial concert. That’s the coolest thing about her I think. Sugizo!! Ok not like he’s veryyyy cutee, or that I’m a BIGGG Luna Sea fan, but I guess I’m just an easilyenamouredandstupidfangirlwhothinksanyconnectionwithJROCKERSissodamncool. AND also rumours that Gackt was wooing her! (there are more vids of him + her on youtube, in one he even tells her that he thinks she’s cute!) AHHH!!! (yesimaGACKTfan) But yea lah she’s so pretty, hope she finds somebody to marry soon!!

That said, there was ONE raunchy photo from her party, which was themed “youth is power, it’s good to be young” (roughly translated). Thus most of her friends turned up in school uniforms… and one in nothing but a few leaves (look below) Before cutting the cake, she wished her father, who is suffering from cancer, health and a long life.



The guy laughing actually LOOKED a bit like ANDY LAU! But no… he’s just a friend. (and look, he’s wearing flip-flops!!!! Mis-match alert!!! hahahah since you’ve come so far my friend why don’t you just walk around barefoot?!?! ^_^)


Sugizo, actually looks a LITTLE bit like Vic Chou here. but nooo… this get-up/photo was probably for the He-She (Ta-Ta) premiere/promo. LOVELY SONG!!! SO ROMANTIC! *gushgushgush* (it’s below!!)

4 Responses to “Belated: Vivian Hsu’s 33rd birthday party”

  1. Is she the ex porn star or something?

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you have nice fotos from Birthday Party.

  3. 3 fatfish

    hey shes a rabbit liek us!

  4. 4 Dave

    That’s got to be the original school uniforms in basic green. lol

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