Doppelganger: S.H.E.’s Selina and Otsuka Ai


Qualification: But NOT the Otsuka Ai noww… or with make-up. I think Selina only sorta resembles the Otsuka Ai sometime before her eyes got so big. Haha. More resemblance with the 2 bottom photos (the black and white one and the one where Ai is looking upwards somewhere.) You think?

Her eyes got so big!!

10 Responses to “Doppelganger: S.H.E.’s Selina and Otsuka Ai”

  1. 1 lj

    ahh so many hair styles… i want to do something to my hair!!! but dunno what… help me think okay! sigh sigh sigh hates exams. exaM. rather. i haven’t been this stressed since the As seriously im not made for finance growl.

  2. 2 lj

    also her eyes are those contacts!!! i dunno why people dont say those celebs lk freaky hmph.

  3. 3 lisa

    is it plastic?!?!?!

  4. i THINK so… wah just spent a whole day spring cleaning

  5. 5 stalker_queen

    i think its the face shape

  6. 6 melody

    what the ??????????? you guys so boring !!!! why u r trying to picking on selina or other celebs ????
    Selina is naturally beautiful ……

  7. 7 zzz


  8. 8 oreo_psp

    the NEW ai looks like TRICIA GOSINGTIAN. look at her on

  9. that selina girl reminds me of suzuki sarina more than otsuka ai

  10. 10 mahesh agrawal

    hi selina u look so quit and same as nature
    when i see u than feel like come in simla
    wana fraind

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