Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Wu Zun share a hot kiss… NOT!



(Chinese online news sources: netease, TOM and MOP) At the celebration dinner commemorating the end of shooting for the movie “Basketball Fire” (篮球火), (this whole noun is simply, in chinese, 杀青宴, but I’ve done a perfectly disgraceful job of translating it haha), Show Luo and Wu Zun gave some “brokeback” action for the reporters. (mind you the term -or should i say cliché — was used in the article itself so don’t throw eggs at me for the overuse of that word haha)

The reporters had jokingly demanded that both guys french kiss as Show Luo had recently written on his blog in jest that Wu Zun was his “girlfriend”. HAHAHA!

However, both guys only fooled around and did some positioning trick to give the illusion that they were kissing, and none of the real thing. AWWW.

In other news, Jerry Yan, who was sUPPOSED to be present at the dinner did NOT turn up and left his fans sad and disappointed, because he had a DENTAL appointment! Oh dear me. But his agent said that his teeth have been hurting for very long and he hadn’t had time to go for a check-up. Okay mann.




46 Responses to “Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Wu Zun share a hot kiss… NOT!”

  1. 1 lisa

    so hot, i like.

  2. 2 julie ann

    i like his kissable lips..i think he’s a good kisser..jeje

  3. 3 fyay**6r89

    muahah but anyway i like it heheh

  4. 4 ezzi

    itu bener gak seh masa sih

  5. 5 Rinda

    Ooh…NOT !

  6. i watch this on video thats not true.. just for fun..

  7. Thank you

  8. 8 emilya

    oh god!!
    did wu zun juz kiss show luo??
    they are juz kidding right??
    thank god…

  9. 9 Pani

    Dayems. Aha, Hotluss

  10. 10 wizard

    oh! it too good, this make me so exited!

  11. 11 chuzn


    so sweet,,,, pengen jg donk,,.

    pan-kapan gantian key,,.

  12. 12 peezee

    uuuhhhhhhmmm……………..mau dooonk,,,.

    i like it.kayaknya seru deeh,,,,,

  13. 13 fina

    wu chun and allan luo,gayyyyy……..
    oh no!!!!!
    gw kn fans banget ma mereka berdua…….
    malu2 in aja dech

  14. 14 cherry

    heYy,,,,they Look cute together,,,,i’M juSt cuRious how arE they connected are they beStfrieNds???????anSweR pls….(*_*)

  15. 15 mel

    i like it. can i try?pls….

  16. 16

    oh no i like wuzun very much but why he are gay i don’t believe but it happen now i don’t want wu zun to be a gay
    but i see him when he play a movie he same the man action don’t same gay but now wuzun i think he gay beacause i see him many picture action same gay

  17. 17 irish

    oh its too friendly…

  18. 18 che che

    oh my good

  19. 19 Nimas Ayu Putri Hapsari

    Aku nggak nyangka bahwa dia seperti itu. Alan memang sudah gila. Masa’ berciuman sesama jenis. Tapi aku tetep ngefans koq sama Alan…..

  20. hahaha!…
    so funny….


  21. 21 nevil

    uhhh…very very hot

  22. 22 cici

    yang tadi itu…………
    akh….. gak mungkin………….

  23. 23 phu3_

    oh my god……..!!! (Xp)


  24. 24 Dionna

    Scary….poor Alan Luo. ^O^

  25. cool men!!!

  26. 26 sHafea kiNgstOn

    oh my god !!

    show !! what are you doing with wu zun ???

    i can not believe it !!

    oh my god !!!

  27. 27 atich

    ooooooooooooooo tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk …

  28. 28 Qun

    Itu mah Wu Chun yg nafsu. Orang Alan-nya ketakutan gitu..

    That was a joke, only a joke!
    We all really know that alan is that crazy. So, i believe, that was a joke!
    They both is a best friend. Yeah, so close. just like Alan and Jolin..
    They did joke all the time in da shooting time..

    Alan pernah jg tuh di 100% entertainment jadi korban bginian. Ada yg ngerjain dia. Ada cwo maksa nyium alan. Hahahahahaha…
    Ekspresinya lucu banget! MAu nolak tapi ga bisa. Si cwo itu badannya lebih gedhe..
    Poor alan..

    I hope alan will be together with Selina..
    He looks so lovely to Selina..

  29. 29 fina

    gw rasa Wu chun eanx maksain Allan Luo,, liat zaa Allan Luo ampe katakutan kya geto…
    dazar Wu Chun,, tampan2 kok kya geto sich….
    kacian tow Allan luo nya,,
    eh btw,, MAO UGA.. DUNXXZZZ……

  30. no…….show lo is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 32 nana

    xiao zhu n wu zhun hao shuai owg …..
    hahahahha …

  32. 33 YeonNi~A

    Hahaha lol
    Crazy friends!

  33. 34 Dewi

    ya …. ampun,kasian bgt ya alan luo dipaksa sama wu chun…..!??
    memang ya,….. wu chun tw keterlaluan bgt,……
    dh gila ava dy ciuman ma cwok,……
    alan luo,…. sabar yaw,
    kenapa jga alan tw takut ma wu chun?
    alan,….. kalau wu chun mcem2 lawan ja,…..
    jngan tkut ma dy,… mntang2 bdannya lbih gede dr kmoe,…..!!!
    q benci wu chun , karena dy dah maksa2 alan luo,….!
    I HATE WU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 36 Dewi

    kacian bgt sie idola q ,…..!!!
    tp q tetep ngefans sama alan ….!!!

  35. 37 yumi

    waa ke loco ke son los dos pero son lindos y buenos amigos 🙂

  36. 38 che

    iwish i am on show lo’s place!

  37. 39 che

    iwish i am on show lo’s place!
    but seems exciting

  38. ngerii,,,,,,,,,

  39. wu zun is not gay is really just a joke

  40. 42 jeni erni erni


  41. 43 ale

    O O eres gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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