Fahrenheit’s Stay With You on Oricon


It’s at number 14, above NEWS! I was SHOCKED to find out Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit was entering the Japanese market, but apparently it was announced in November last year. The MV for this song is below, as well as a funny (like weird, funny) comment I found at the youtube site.

Harunosakura probably didn’t intend it maliciously… but mandarin people?? Hahaha. reminds me of oranges.

I’m sorry but the song is average, the singing is just only tolerable, the pronunciation is WORSE than Rain’s English pronunciation. I’m SORRY but i REALLY THINK SO!!! They’re isolating all the syllables and sound so GAIJIN! And their english pronunciation isn’t all that great either… o_O. But glad they made it to 14 at least. I guess.


8 Responses to “Fahrenheit’s Stay With You on Oricon”

  1. 1 anan

    the english is bad. the japanese is worst. i kinda doubt they know what they are saying…

    how it even got to #14. i feel sad for NEWS.

  2. 2 Melanie

    Errr…. you do know that NewS released that song earlier right? Thus, you cant really compare it… If they both released on the same day, then I’ll be 0_0 if those guys actually beat News.

  3. 3 mooray

    This was actually NewS’ third week on the charts lol, well that was a nice effort by the Fahrenheit boys but too bad this single dropped down to like #24 the next day.

    And yes, their pronunciations is pretty bad in both Japanese and English.

  4. 4 anna

    they should really improve their singing to be honest. They can’t even dance and sing on the stage at the same time without being out of breath after a minute or so ==U

  5. you shouldnt be sorry for expressing your opinions
    i strongly agree with you
    their pronounciation needs improvement
    especially wuzun who even has some problems singing mandarin >_<
    their singing is below tolerable in my opinion
    + it cannot be compared to newS summertime
    the date of release was different and sales always goes downhill after the first week
    it just means FRH’s single sold more copies on that particular date than newS’s single
    which is expected because it is its first day of release
    im really surprised it even got there lol
    but i really do hope they polish up their singing and hope to hear more from them~

  6. Lisa here! although i havent heard the song (since my comp has issues) but i always thought Fahrenheits singing wasnt that great lol. i totally agree with purple fanatic haha ha

    oh well , give the boys some time and i have a feeling theyll have a strong following 0_0

  7. 7 MyWildestDesires

    Ehhh? NEWS were below them? =OO NEWS pretty much owned the oricon charts. Hehe ^^

  8. It’s very true that the boys in Fahrenheit’s faces are much better than their singing/dancing…but they are not restricted only to the music industry. They’re all pretty good actors, too, and you can’t blame them too much for being poor dancers with little stamina – Jiro Wang and Wu Chun both have health problems that make it difficult, and Aaron Yan was injured in his legs a while ago.

    I agree though, they really do need to work on pronounciation. But we have to give them credit for trying because if in a hypothetical situation if NewS decided to record songs in Mandarin (don’t know if they have or haven’t, I don’t listen to them much), they probably wouldn’t pronounce the Mandarin very well, either. The phonetic sounds in Mandarin and Japanese are very different so I don’t think it’s fair to judge Fahrenheit’s musical ability by their pronounciation on a language they were not familiar with from the beginning.

    They do have a lot of potential to do spectacularly in Japan though if they really work hard, I think. So I hope the boys keep doing their best and improve from this. (:

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