Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 25th April 2008


This will be a super abbrieviated post.

1. Takeda Tetsuya – Kame saga rolls on

(Japanese source: Entame) According to YTV’s variety show Narutomo, Takeda Tetsuya (omg I thought I’d never be reporting on him again: read the previous entries on him here) has sent Kame a LETTER of APOLOGY for exposing his private troubles to the media. Whatever, next!

2. Kago Ai to star alongside Vanness Wu in Hong Kong film?!

(Japanese source: Entame) Actually read this yesterday, but anyway. I stand in awe of Ishimoto Yasuyuki’s (Kago Ai’s guardian + lover) influence + power in the geinou-kai. Other details: Official press conference for the movie slated to be in early May, the movie will be in Chinese but since Kago Ai can’t speak chinese they’ll dub in for her, also, another “famous Hong Kong star” will be in it. But I can’t really understand the Katakana + I don’t want to go scour baidu.com for it so –> Samohaso Kinpo. Does anybody know which hongkong actor this is? Haha.

3. Goto Maki back in Japan

(Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) She apparently took a flight back on 23rd April 2008 at 3pm from Honolulu, Hawaii.

4. DBSK’s Beautiful You still tops on Oricon Daily chart

(Source: Oricon) Yep it is. Click on it to see. (Haha LAME piece of news)

Off to intense mugging now! Cheerios!

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