Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 12th April 2008


Firstly, the Yamapi and Shirota XXX holiday entry has been updated. I put XXX because it is now confirmed that it is Jun and not Yuu! (My source, Entame was erroneous, but lots of fans were already saying that it was Jun anyway. Thanks to Marga who actually bothered to show me the links to photos from Yuu’s blog, which I could technically have looked at myself but was just too lazy to. The key lay in the racoon-streaked hair.

Secondly, I started out this blog with an entry on Korea’s Meteor Garden and wishing that Big Bang’s TOP could take the role of Domyouji. Well, even if he ain’t gonna be the REAL Domyoji, he’s going to be Domyoji in a parody version, which will be screened at their Busan concert! Here’s POPSEOUL!’s article (though it’s rather unkind to them =( haha but then I personally think it’s not a big issue, since intrinsic in the definition of a parody is the idea of “copying” or “mimicking” anyway. POPSEOUL! could’ve insulted them in another way I guess, but shan’t help them brainstorm. Here’s the BigBangKorean article, which is more detailed and less sensationalist. Haha!

Thirdly, (Japanese online news source: Mainichi) It was announced yesterday, 11th April 2008, that Studio Ghibli’s new anime, directed by Miyazaki Hayao, Gake no Ue no Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ) will be released on 19th July 2008. Yano Akiko, a 53 year-old singer I haven’t heard of until now, will be a seiyuu for it.

Fourth, (Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Actress Miyazaki Aoi (shown in the above picture, and in photos below too) attended an event at Roppongi Hills called “Golden Ribbon Walking 2008”, which has something to do with kids and charity I gather. Anyway the main emphasis of the article, as expected, is not on the event but on Miyazaki Aoi’s admirable attitude (for the Japanese especially) on her busy schedule.

She said “Because I really liked work, I love having to be on the set. It is enjoyable and fulfilling. Having people laughing around me on the set is the source of my power.” She also participated in some origami section where a whole lot of kids and her folded some 3000 cranes. Check out the photo below:
















So small and skinny! No make-up on too! Good, I’m anti-make-up. It’s quite hard to wear make-up in Singaporean climate also I think, but whatever.


2 Responses to “Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 12th April 2008”

  1. 1 tvxqfan!

    of course she has got make up on..? haha like concealer and foundation..? its just the neutral shades that arent obvious…
    no stars would appear in front of media and public without makeup on..?
    anyway.. i enjoy reading your articles.. keep up e good work ^^*

  2. REALLY omg i was fooled for a moment there… ok i guess i should have changed what i wanted to say to: hurray for understated make-up! -superoldgranny here too lazy to sign in to wordpress

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