Guess who’s a fan of Big Bang’s Tae Yang!!


Hello everyone!!! I’m REALLY sorry I havent been updating for so long, I got hooked on Nana for two days and cleaned off the whole series, then i ran around doing lots of random things… so please excuse my absence, lol. I promise to update a lot lot more!!! (o^_^o)

I saw this on bigbangkorean, and thought it was too cute, so decided to share it. 😀

If you don’t already know, Big Bang’s Tae Yang released his first solo mini-album entitled Tae Yang : 2008 1st Mini Album – HOT on May 23, 2008. He did a couple of collabs (granny posted on them before) and with the success of his mini-album, intends to focus more as “Tae yang” rather than “Big bang’s Tae Yang”.

Anyway guess who was spotted with Taeyangs new album!! :D:D

none other than…..

Lee Junki!!!! So cute right!!! I love Lee junki haha.

On another note, more on Big bang’s plans for the rest of the year:


YG’s message on bigbang on the 19th of May 2008 as translated by melodygreenleaf.

It’s planned for Big Bang’s new minialbum to be released in the middle of this coming July,
and the second full album to come out the beginning of October.

Because of the good response for “Lie” and “Last Farewell”, which were released last year,
it was very pressuring to prepare for the next album..
but because of alien-like Kwon Jiyong’s hard work, the work for the full album that will be released in October is already 80% done.
[*T/N: Yes. YG really did call GD “alien-like” xD]

If I were to give one more piece of anticipated information,
in the minialbum that is to be released in July, it is expected that there will be two songs made by both Daishi Dance, with who there was even a plagiarism issue, and G-Dragon together.
(including the title song^^)


Until now, Jiyong collaborated [with someone] to compose; the instrumentals for all music were made by the composer,
and Jiyong made the melody and rap on top of that,

The method of composing as expected was the same this time with “Daishi Dance” and
every time I listen to the music, I think that “Daishi Dance” and Jiyong’s collaboration
is a very fantastic partnership.
It’ll be nice if there was much anticipation……”

Yuppa! So look forward to it!! :> I would like to buy their album, but then DONG BANG SHIN KI has plans to release a korean album in fall as well, so I will  be broke by then… haha!!!! look forward to all their albums and start saving uP!!!!!

2 Responses to “Guess who’s a fan of Big Bang’s Tae Yang!!”

  1. 1 jennn


  2. 2 e-zatiey

    tae yang i really love u.. i want to come to korea to see u…
    tae yang wait for me..

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