Tae Yang’s Look Only At Me MV totally PWNS!


After watching Shinee’s nyeh-nyeh average poppy MV, and before that Fahrenheit’s boring PV with bad Japanese pronunciation, and yday’s KAT-TUN’s new MV with the JaeJoong Doppelganger in it– and actually even Tae Yang’s other MV (Prayer Ft Teddy) was quite standard fare also– Look Only At Me was wonderful! It was humourous for one, when you realize that the girl was going to go through ALL the members of Big Bang. HAHA. Lucky girl who gets to date ALL of them (which was what Lee Hyo Ri wanted to do awhile ago, if i remember correctly). HILARIOUS! Okay I should control my fan-whoring here. But two more pluses for Look Only At Me:

1) Notice at around 00:32 minutes , Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring painting is at the top right hand corner beside Tae Yang’s head. Taste, man. I loved the movie, more for the art direction than the plot. And the rather insignificant inclusion of that painting here however, shows at least that the art director of the MV is superiOr in some sense to the rest of ’em.

2) Tae Yang’s dancing! Haha. And also it was funny to see him gyrating on the floor with waitresses as the just-another-Big-Bang-MV-pretty-girl tried to concentrate on G-Dragon. G DRAGON!!!

2.5) (shit i know i said 2, but don’t mind me, i’m fangirling) the ENDING. when Tae Yang goes, “eeersh”, which every other Korean does in some Korean drama at some point or other. ❤ <3.

8 Responses to “Tae Yang’s Look Only At Me MV totally PWNS!”

  1. 1 bunnicouture

    I love the dance scenes. Very cool, laid back, fun, and neat. (Neat as in, I can see the dance moves and the coordination, and I like the effect.)

    I feel like the first scene at the cafe doesn’t match though – they should’ve made it ultra modern but instead you’ve got a bunch of grown men sipping tea.

    The concept behind KATTUN’s DUES PV is cool, but it’s sloppily done, and for the most part, it’s confusing. I love the atmosphere, the costumes, the orbs… but there’s too much to look at, and because of everyone’s jackets/scarves/feathers/accessories flying all over the place whenever they twirl or shake their hips, the dance scenes are sort of eh.

  2. 2 fatfish

    hahaha!!! its so kuku!
    like how random women just suddenly can appear and know how to dance in sync with him! and how people don’t notice 5 guys dancing in their saloon wahaha
    but the phone conversation was the nicest… 미안.. 미안.. 미안..!!! kuku!!

  3. 3 fatfish

    and she’s talking in a library!!!! no etiquette >:O

  4. i thought the cafe didn’t have to be ultramodern, they sort of go through different phases. like when TOP was with the girl they were in an ultramodern + chic bar, but at the start it’s just like a nice art-cafe-ish, you know? HAHA but i agree that KAT-TUN’S DUES PV’s dance was a bit eh. glass ball smashing was also a bit eh. hahaha the dance choreography in Tae Yang’s MV totally PWNS!

    fatfish: WHO CARES if she’s talking in a library…. Takky + Nanako had freaking s*x in the freaking library in that dorama eons ago… Forbidden Love! HAHAHAHA \(^_^)/

    yah random women appearing and dancing that was funny ^_^ but it wasn’t distasteful at least =D

  5. I see Bong! ^^
    Sorry, this is pretty much a useless comment. But ahaha. x)

  6. fadedfacade haha it’s OKAY MAN i would totally spam this place with useless comments except im already spamming this blog with BB fan posts (recently at least) so i should try and CONTROL myself. HAHA

  7. 7 sainaa_1988


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