Titbit Referral: K-Pop and K-school


Just thought this was very interesting (haha and cos I’m a Big Bang fan!) Click here!

Source: sookyung.multiply.com+wonderbang forum@soompi
Credit For ShenYuePop: ShenYue!

Also, as you’ve already seen, I’m creating another new series called Titbit Referral for news already posted elsewhere! And I’ll feel bad/lazy just re-copying BUT I really want to “bookmark” this so treating this blog like storage space I’ll just file them all under Titbit Referrals.

This is ALSO another strategy for me to cope with updating this, giving it a semblance of currency and activity, AND to juggle with EXAMS (horror!) ESSAYS (great…) and… HOLIDAYS! Yes I’m going on a two-week vacation to Osaka in May-June period and I have no idea how I’m going to update everyday soo…… we’ll see how! ^_^


2 Responses to “Titbit Referral: K-Pop and K-school”

  1. 1 lisa


  2. 2 sainaa_1988

    hi hajimemashite

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