G-Dragon did NOT ask Son Ga-In out (and sad rant about Big Bang + plagiarism =( )




No! He did not! *sigh of relief* (But actually I found out that he did NOT ask her out beFORE i read about the misinterpretation of Son Ga-In’s answer on the golden bell variety show.) I was very flustered because I could not understand the korean newsen website , other than for G-Dragon’s name!! =(

(oh i must yolshimhee and study my korean daily!) ANYWAY (korean source: here , english source: here. ) I shan’t pretend to have done any reporting but will instead devote myself to gossiping.

Why do I like G-Dragon? I think it was because I thought it was really cool that he wrote ‘Lies’ and ‘Fool’, and he looks so kweeyopdah! (cute) but I’ve been hooked on Daishi Dance recently, especially P.I.A.N.O. … and the melodies REALLY sound the same (if you have the track, from 2.20mins onwards). =( .

Also I heard the song SkyHigh by FreeTempo matched against ‘Lies’ sometime last week for the FIRST time (mostly because I’ve been trying to ignore accusations of their plagiarism for the longest time ever).  Listen to this track here. =( –> it starts getting out-of-sync after the first minute though, especially when we get to TOP’s rap.


10 Responses to “G-Dragon did NOT ask Son Ga-In out (and sad rant about Big Bang + plagiarism =( )”

  1. 1 Maknae_kawaii

    oh thankgod!!!

  2. lol i couldn’t care less about the girlfriend thingy but.. Big Bang really plagiarize their song that’s why i stopped listening to them… for me they are not true artists.. 😦

  3. but the funny thing is it was reported that Daishi Dance admitted that Fool and P.I.A.N.O. were two different songs, and although it DID sound the same i rmb other western songs that resembled each other too. Not an expert of music so i don’t know =/ . in any case i secretly think that Fool sounds like a more poppy + mainstream (And nicer) version of P.I.A.N.O. … and the similarities last only 1 minute i think. vAguEly. i guess they shoulda attributed to them like how hollywood keeps remaking asian films sometimes they make it nicer and all of us get to enjoy right?

    anywAy im suspending judgment of big bang now haha will just wait for their new album and see if they still copy!!! HAHA

  4. 4 fatfish

    but u can’t really compare this to hollywood movie remakes, cos the remakers buy the rights to remake the movie! they paid to copy. but for music they do it too! like how 杜德伟 remade DJ Doc’s “Run to You” into the silly 《脱掉》。 i should send you the original! it sounds much better in korean. and theres a japanese version of 《童话》 out now, which also sounds quite weird haha

  5. i know DJ Doc remade that song.. i heard it. it sounds OOOOKAY and i know lah i know lah im jus trying to defend big bang cos i think they’re cuuuute

    but i seriously do think that their versions of those songs are NICE.. have you even heard any of their songs??? HAHA aiyah i guess the korean music industry shares some similarities with… essentially the whole of the chinese manufacturing industry. Mikes as fake nikes etc haha

  6. 6 reginaxlove

    big bang did not plagiarize.it is only the begining that is ABIT alike.if u listen to the whole song, it is totally different.

  7. 7 LeiTe+kikibu=LupH

    O.M.G …………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thankz God ..

  8. 8 koreanvue11

    can’t Jiyong’s “THis Love” be considered plagiarism too?

    since not only is the beat the same throughout the song. but even the title is too right?

    i am a supporter of Big Bang but i started to notice over the past few months…. big bang isn’t that great now…. not only me. but other people i know feel the same way.

  9. Fantastic write up, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my StumbleUpon account. Have a great day.

  10. 10 shamooh G.Dragon ;p

    Love u g-dragon ❤ …..

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