Kuroki Meisa: Lucky lucky girl!



Who is Kame talking to? (okay very stupid question considering the title of this entry)


It’s….. Kuroki Meisa! (wOw!) half-South American, half-Japanese, born in Okinawa. These are screen captures from the jdorama One Pound Gospel (aka 1ポンドの福音 or 1 pound no Fukuin), which has just finished its run on NTV in Japan. It is a dorama about a 19 year old boxer or something who falls in love with a NUN. Kame is our skinny and tiny boxer and Kuroki Meisa plays Sister Angela, the nun in question (Yes, nun. OMG what wacky plots they have hahaha). I briefly glanced through the Youtube clips and it didn’t look particularly interesting so I think I’ll give it a pass. (Theme song is LIPS by KAT-TUN though, the MTV in which Kame looks pretty with eyelined eyes)

so before I digress, WHY is Kuroki Meisa a lucky girl?

 Firstly cos she looks pretty. You may beg to differ – yah I think Gong Li is still prettier HAHA – but shes mixed right at least.


Secondly, and more importantly though, SHE GOT TO ACT WITH NINOMIYA KAZUNARI in HAIKEI CHICHI UE SAMA!!!!!!!



This was one of my favourite dramas of 2007; not LOL-funny like Stand Up! or Hana Kimi or Coffee Prince, not too melodrama like Hwang Jini or Jewel in the Palace… short and sweet. 12 episodes I think. And meaningful-ish.

However, I noticed in these two doramas she’s paired up with guys “smaller’ than her. They don’t look very coupley – either with Nino or with Kame. She’s more of a Man-man’s girl. HAHA. But I guess there are too many girly boys in Japan… Would Kuroki Meisa go better with Oguri Shun though? *thinks*

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO NO NO… Kuroki Meisa should just break into Hollywood and leave my jap guys alone HAHAHA. Japanese predilection for Westernized Asians/anything Western… *thinks of Leah Dizon*


Looks quite sweet eh, this shot.


22 Responses to “Kuroki Meisa: Lucky lucky girl!”

  1. errr… I don’t think that she is lucky… it’s more like THEY are lucky because she is like pretty and they are just like so-so ~_~

  2. ok what i said didn’t make sense… i mean yeah of curse she is beautiful but they are lucky to act with a pretty girl lol that’s what i meant sorry to spam ur blog .

  3. haha its okay! yah lah i guess she IS pretty but when you’re a nino-fan-girl and half a kame-fan-girl you can’t help feeling JEALOUS and thinkign that she is VERY lucKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

  4. omy u r a kame fan? i used to be ~~ but i shifted to mocomichi *who is like a gazillion time hotter* i can’t remember how i became a kame fan though… i thought he was just considerate and *jeez i can’t remember*

  5. omg who is mocomichi? ill go google him asap! i ve sOrt of grown out of kat-tun a little (more bigbang-y now HAHA) but kames face still fascinates me! like so girly, esp in LIPS MV with his black eyeliner! haha

  6. yeah i know he looked hot… but nah I’ll stick with mocomichi for a while : P

  7. i know who he is alr! i rmb him from gokusen.. but so far only seen him in supporting roles. and he’s 10000X more man than kame HAHAHA but diff la i guess ^_^ cheers!

  8. yeah he is definitely more manly that’s why i like him better anyway i guess i spamed ur blog too much Ja!

  9. 9 fitriezulida

    oh this girl kissed toma passionately everyday on azumi onstage for like a month lol
    *sorry just a stalker passing by*

  10. haha ya i know i read about that kissing thing!! and it’s okay i love to read comments! if not it feels like im talking to a wall hahaha

  11. 11 sachi_stardust

    well, the dorama’s story plot isn’t superb, it’s really so-so, but there’s one solid reason why you should watch it… KAME CUTNESS OVERLOAD!!!XD

    he’s suuuupper cute here! watch him make silly and funny expressions, you’ll love him.

  12. 12 sachi_stardust

    that was supposed to be cuteness***

    haha. silly me.

  13. I Love Kazunari Ninomiya!!!!!!

  14. I love Kazunari,Im otaku and Cosplay….

  15. 15 ninosonelove

    OMG I love Nino he is my lover so stay away! i might even meet him okay?

  16. Miyavi is so hot i love every thing about him his hair his good looks and most of all his hot singing i wish i can just cuddle him up

  17. Miyavi if your out their and if your reading this righ now well i hope you know i think your the cutest boy alive and one day when i go to japan i promise ill see you

  18. 18 neuroneuster

    lol at your entry.
    the dorama is cute though.

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