Does Kanata Hongo resemble the young Kame?



I think Kame is prettier. My Kame obsession + fangirlism, which never really went away, is now surging back in full force. *sighs* I think it has got to do with the renewed focus on his rumoured relationship with Koizumi Kyoko. I am actually supportive of that relationship by the way, strange as it may sound for a Kame-fan. I guess I’m not the type of fan that MUST marry Kame or DIE; on the contrary I think it’s pretty cool that he’s the type tt goes for older women, I like his responsible + industrious image, and presuming Koizumi Kyoko’s a sort-of sensible woman, Kame must be q mature + special to have convinced her to go out with him!!! I hope he’s happy, and I hope if she still likes him and he still likes her that they get back together. (and not bother about negative press and stupid things like that, since he apparently doesn’t even want to continue in the limelight anyway. Go open your boutique Kame!!)

The rest of this entry is just a Kame shrine, pictures and ramblings blahblahblah haha! ^_^


ryoonthemove.jpg our favourite johnny’s boys on the move =) jus thought I’d add ryo + ohno in cos im in a thematic mood hahaha


Hope those furs aren’t real, but this is one of those classic jap-boys-with-coloured-coiffure-plus-big-fancy-rapper-fur shots. hahaha. am pretty sure that there are other similar-style photos of other celebs, needta source! ^_^


Utensils(forks)-in-the-mouth series! Who looks cuter?? HAHA


Kame in Pink! ❤


Looking snappy + cool


This is my favourite picture of Kame! (currently at least) So happy, so young, so carefree! And not posed. =) Hope he’s happy now! Quite silly of me but somehow I keep thinking him (and nino actually) are not very happy inside, like at times I watch videos on youtube of them on variety shows and they seem quite tired/sian/jaded and a bit glassy-eyed to me.

Especially recently on hey!x3 Kame and Akanishi Jin were standing beside each other, and I felt some TENSION. Maybe I was imagining things, since I don’t know for sure if all those rumours about both of them fighting + blahblahblah are true. But it seemed like Kame was weary but still trying to be professional and chat with the hosts. Jin was just giving a better-than-thou look, but then again that’s always the look he gives. It was a look ALMOST reminiscent of Sawajiri Erika, butbutbut. I should stop bitching about Jin – such a pity cos he has such a pretty face too! haha! Kame! Nino!

Okay i better go sleep now. Zzz 


15 Responses to “Does Kanata Hongo resemble the young Kame?”

  1. 1 claire

    love you so much muahh

  2. 2 mochi

    i really can’t see the pretty side of kame tho… I know it has smth to do with taste and preferences but i’m just really wondering.. since most of my friends agreed with me. Just want someone who really like kame to tell me his attractive side…

  3. 3 olba

    Porqué los modelos (o idols) japoneses siempre posan serios y con cara de tios duros?? con lo guapísimos que están cuando se ríen de forma tan natural como en la foto del besibol 😀

  4. 4 karissalim

    i think it’s his cheekbones and his mouth, the way it seems to pout. it makes me think of jerry yan as well and johnny depp

  5. 5 Windy

    hey,r u joking?Does Kanata Hongo resemble the young Kame? “the young” Kame is 23,older than kanata-chan.Plz don’t compare them like that.Because everyone has their own cool .Moreover,How could Kame compare with kanata-chan?what wrong with you???:))

  6. 6 majid


  7. 7 mikansakura68

    kame and kanata hongo are cute.

    but i have some suggestion if you are not a filipino try to check some filipino actors because they are so HANDSOME

    you need to check this filipino actors like:

    1. richard gutierrez
    2. dennis trillo
    3. dingdong dantes (third sexiest man in the world)
    4. jc de vera
    5. mark herras

    and these are some of the CUTE actors

    1.jiro manio
    2. sam concepcion

  8. 8 mikansakura68

    kame and kanata hongo are both cut, but i love kanata hongo especially when he portrayed the role ryoma echizen in prince of tennis adoptation

  9. 9 mikansakura68

    kanata is soooooooooooooooooooo……………………………. cute. i wished i could see him

  10. 10 kimori

    kanata hongo is so cute..i love him..hahah

  11. 11 kimori

    ….kame,he also cute..but,,kanata hongo is the cutiest!!!

  12. 12 kimori

    i love kanata hongo…i like his personality when he potrayed as okazaki shinichi in nana….!!luv ya..i hope i’ll meet u…>_<!! kawaii-ne!

  13. My favorit singer is kazuya kamenashi of KAT-TUN.
    his looks very special cute and sexy.
    Cantata is also handsome boy but, My lovely kame have
    best or best beauty. you are joking now. aren’t you?

  14. 14 nakayan

    nino is waayy cuter with the fork ❤

  15. 15 Kat

    From What side do Kame and Hongo look similar to you?? O.o
    Kame has his charm,but Hongo.. OMG .. O.O He makes my heart sink every time he makes a face xD Soo COOL!!

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