Adoring Ninomiya Kazunari



Surfed around and the gossip/news for today didn’t interest me much. (Except the Popseoul entry about Se7en, very intriguing.) But I don’t really care about se7en anyway (haha) It’s like a brief lull after a whirlwind start to 2008 (Lydia Sum’s death, Edison Chen sex scandal, at least in the Chinese geinou world haha) so I thought I’d just please myself by posting lots of photos of Nino! I love Nino, I want a son like him. Or a little brother. One of my friends laughs at his buckteeth *glares * but I dig his teeth.



His signature pout. ^_^


I don’t know what the photographer was asking them to do but if Sho wasn’t there this would be another Ohmiya moment!!!! ^_^


Nino through the years.. he has such doe-like eyes.


Looking cute againnn


I like him in specs tOOO


I like him with army hair. (Letters from Iwo Jima — but somehow he looks a bit korean-ish here haha) ❤


I like him with short and not-so-army hair


Maybe the only thing I don’t like about him is his girlfriend, Masami Nagasawa =(. But at least she seems nicer and more “real” than others in the circuit =).



21 Responses to “Adoring Ninomiya Kazunari”

  1. 1 Oreiji

    ninoooooooooo. and omfg. sakumiyaaaa XD

    ”superoldgranny” xDDDDDDDDDDDDD loooooool that’s the best name ever xDDDD

  2. hahaha i prefer ohmiya!!! i don’t know why people like sakurai sho so much i think he looks a bit strange. hahaha OHMIYAAAAA!

  3. 3 DotDotDot

    I saw this link through Popseoul’s Seven post (I don’t really care about Seven, but it’s fun to take part in discussion). Ooh Nino is dating Masami Nagasawa now? This news made public or is this a “innocent” rumour?.. I must research!! Heheheh thanks for this post. I really admire Nino much. I’ll check out your site…very interesting.

  4. this news was made public last year i think.. and oh no i didn’t realize that i left a link at popseoul’s seven post! i just wanted to link to THEIR post i didn’t expect them to link to my blog so strange

  5. 5 Yuu

    nino is really cute nee… he was the only face that i knew in arashi back then when they were debuting in 1999. love him as an actor. talented.

    actually i got your link from popseoul too.
    the link was like at the end of the page (the Se7en thing).

    and about masamixnino, i’ve first read it in Tokyograph – this post

  6. i think it was some weird ping thing, strangely. better stop linking their posts then, but popseoul is like my daily narcotic can’t do without it! ^_^

  7. 7 Sarah

    Meh, Popseoul isn’t that reliable for sources. is so much better.

  8. thanks for the link, haven’t heard of it before will check it out from now on. ^_^

  9. 9 Jeree'

    blah, masami’s not good enough for our nino!

  10. 10 Sebastian Ho

    i want his eyes! hahahahha

  11. 11 Rei

    I really love Nino~kun! He’s really cute (especially his smile)!! I bet he’s the cutest one in Arashi. (>w<)

    And for me, I think it’s okay with Nagasawa Masami. I really like her. She’s really great and nice. I think she’s better than the others.

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  13. 13 Kristie

    I found it on Youtube, but I heard that Nagasawa Masami has a new lover. I forgot his name, but I know that he is the Japanese comedian of Drunk Dragon.

  14. are they x now

  15. 15 Denise Wong

    omg he is so cute i just love him and is he still going out with
    nagasawa masami or did they broke up ????? please

  16. waaa…
    demo, masami..
    but, i think. nino not suitable with masami..

  17. 17 nad

    j aime beaucoup ikuta toma il est etrs beau comme un ange c est mon roi il est tres cool et gentileu wawwwwwwwwwww je t aime ikuta toma

  18. 18 nadia

    il love so match ikuta toma it’s verry coll it’s so amazing

  19. 19 ask

    I love NINO so muchhhhh……

  20. 20 cutiexpatootie

    he’s so cute. -////-
    and extremely talented.

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