Sakurai Sho’s (and Nino’s and Aiba’s past) scandals



OH MY GOD. I was totally IGNORANT of their scandals. (WHY!?!? You ask. Well, cos all I ever did was watch youtube videos of them and never really bothered to read fan-blogs) Anyway my english sources: here and here. It amazes me that it appeared on english-fan-blogs first and NOT on all the japanese entame-blogs I’ve been scouring and scrutinizing all day long, and this was apparently as recent as yesterday?? (The Bubka issue in question is not even out yet I think.) 

Bubka magazine was also the one that exposed Nino’s and Aiba’s scandals. PICTURES BELOW, I’LL let them talk in my place, since I’m currently nursing a broken heart! ACK! Perils of a fan-whore – you’d think that liking MORE celebs makes you less vulnerable, having divested your love-eggs in different nests, but NO!! You get perpetually heartbroken and deceived andandand.. shutyourcrapstupidgirl.


The third rectangle says: Arashi’s Sakurai Sho’s sexy photos with beautiful girl. (Edison Chen-ish EH?!)


VERY reminiscent of Edison Chen pics, except I haven’t seen any of his pics other than the ones published in the newspapers so yes, my comparison only goes so far. one wonders HOW these photos got out?!

ninogirlfriend.jpg  ninoonbubka.jpg

NINO!!!!! *GRR* The little photo on the right is the cover of the BUBKA magazine that exposed Nino’s r/ship with.. Noriko somethingsomething. They look sweet together though, not as raunchy as Aiba and his not-very-pretty-female-companion. Innocent, sweet love. ❤ ❤ Even in times of scandal Nino is still pure like Asai-kun in Stand Up!! HUR HUR HUR I will defend this fortress, the last stand before the attackers like BUBKA reach my Nino shrine!! *visions of LOTR and orcs and Gandalf*


Nino and another unnamed girl. It’s kinda cool how we can still recognise him though. ❤

90 Responses to “Sakurai Sho’s (and Nino’s and Aiba’s past) scandals”

  1. 1 storkytruck

    zomgzzzz how is the sakurai sho person sekshi!!?!?!?? i told you all the johnny boys are just ribs it looks badddd :/
    anyway the girl hes with looks kind of lol ugly hahahah and is she topless in the last pic?!?!?!? looks like their about to ahem… romp…..or something

    lol about nino ah well i havent really taken a liking for him OH YES did you watch iwo jima!?!?!! he was main starring in it. i rmb watching it on the plain and promptly fell asleep….. anyway hes ok la.

    • 2 blahh blahh

      lol urr that first set f pcs isnt sakurai-kun… thats aiba-chan duhhh

  2. 3 storkytruck

    oh do you have photos of the aiba scandal!!??! i wanna see!!!!!! oh and its quite sad the poor fans are really worried about the sho thing poor thingzzzz and him too :<

  3. 4 Lilian

    Frickin’ Magazine!

    Riding on Arashi’s fame to frickin’ get people to buy their lousy and stupid mag!!!!!


    Poor Arashi… They really do not need this right now…

  4. 5 hay

    Are there not any bigger scans of the Shoscandal? ._. I wanna see his hot girl or w/e.

  5. Can you tell me when the scandals for Aiba and Nino happened?

  6. to storkytruck: You mistook sakurai sho for aiba! the topless photos ARE AIBA!!! Sakurai sho’s photos are not out yet.. cos the Bubka mag is NOT OUt Yet i think!! I’m waiting for fellow arashi fans to buy it and scan it… (Damn do they sell it in singapore!?!??!) but not like i’d buy since im not a sho fan.. ninofan!!!

    to skammie : for aiba and nino i think they were quite long ago!nino’s is AT LEAST 2 years ago cos he is with masami nagasawa now!! and they’ve been dating for 2 years… im not sure about aiba though!!!!

  7. actually the bubka magazine goes on sale.. WENT on sale 31st MArch!!!! im googling now

  8. To storkytruck: YES I HAVE WATCHED IWO JIMA!!! How can any nino fan NOT WATCH IT!! *faints* hahahaha I stil love nino i still love nino i don’t care what you say! *does the wondergirls’ tell me dance* hahaha

  9. 10 storkytruck

    HAHAAAAA ooops my bAD lol ah well i’m not really an arashi fan, just a matsu jun fan hahahahaaaaaa

    • 11 Hana

      estou mto decepcionada!!!
      principalmente com o nino!!!!!
      nunka pensei q ele seria capaz de fazer algo assim!!!
      mas a culpa tbm eh dakela fã q deve ter c atirado ate num dar mais!!!!
      e pra q ela tiro as fotos??
      ela deve ser contratada por essa revistaa
      ameii o seu trabalho akii

  10. 12 punkey

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!





    I ‘ve found your website by accident from Google and I ‘ve just saw A SHOCK PICTURE! T,T

    I’ve never noticed her!~~~>>who is she????????

    Broken heart T.T

    Anyway,about MASAMI..Did he said he didnt have anything with her,did he?=>he said in his … concert [sorry i cant remember the name]

    and do u know that Nino had ever have a date with MAKI GOTO…when he was young..

  11. No i didn’t know! he DID?!?!?! OMG?! she doesn’t seem his type at all!!!

  12. 14 punkey

    If u want to see a picture ,go to this website


  13. Al final que pasó con las fotos de Sho? ¿Habían o no habían fotos comprometidas? O al menos con una chica? Deberían haberse escaneado ya hace tiempo… ¿no?

    Saludos guapa 🙂

  14. Se supone que Sho es el que sale en esa foto al centro de la portada?
    No entiendo nada xDDDDD

  15. yo Marga! al final habemos esto:

    es una tonteria del periodico que quiere $$ y nada mas… porque no hay nada de escandalas con Sho!!! solo hay un articulo que dice que Sho es un bueno guapo que no hay escandalas T.T … hahaha

  16. Ah!!! Claro, yo leí todo lo del principio que si escándalo y bla bla bla y nunca leí al final la conclusión, o sea, lo que había pasado al final, nunca lo leí, y claro, no entendía nada. Pues vaya gracia, dejaron a todas las fans preocupadas para que luego no pasara nada…
    Gracias por aclarármelo, y por pasarte por mi Lj!
    Un beso!

  17. 19 inuyasha

    Hi…I’m a new Arashi fan and very new in understanding Japanese entertainment…it’s really weird for JE to keep or maybe lie about the bad stories about their talents…We are humans and we make mistakes and whatever you do or however you hide it…gossips or stories like this will come out and just be responsible to accept it. Being an ARASHI fan I am relieved to know that they are not perfect and I guess being an idol is hard but hey live with it! …but I guess we can’t change Japanese culture…entertainment…
    I still like ARASHI since I’m really entertained by their music and shows.
    I really enjoy reading your blog…keep it up 

  18. 20 arashi fan

    everytime i look at these pics ( esp aiba ) i just feel uncomfy , kind of sad /

    hope u will update more about arashi news 😉


  19. 21 Wyrd

    One word: Wow.
    At least we know they’re normal.

    BTW love your site.

  20. 22 Taka Maki

    Seeing this just reminds me how hot aiba is.. haha

    the aiba photos got leaked becos the girl…(in that picture) was upsetted when aiba broke up with her so she gave the photos to a fren and told the fren to spread it..

    i think it’s something like that… aww aiba~

  21. 23 unnamed

    ano ne… i hope you could remove aiba-kun’s pix… this actually re-surfaced on ljs last year but many fans asked for it to be removed… since its supposed to be “forgotten” 🙂 i think the same goes for sho-kun and nino-chan :d

  22. 24 sainaa_1988


  23. 25 yeya

    is mostly sad to fans in the world.
    sorry my inglish is not very good.

  24. 26 steph

    i cant believe it! sexy pics from my sakurai sho withh other girl ??????????? that’s can’t be trueeeee……. !!!!is a joke ?? i love him i want to see those pics please if someone have it share it with all of us ’cause i can’t believe it, and in the first picture is hard to see if tha guy there is sakurai, so i want to see those sexy pictures OMG sexy pictures!!! and with other girl!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. tell miyavi i like him please

  26. sorry i didnt want to embares you Miyavi and my real name is Tiffaney

  27. 29 Jun's Hot EX

    Oh man, are they freaking serious! i can’t believe that even the tiniest of stuff could get THIS much attention , i mean it’s only normal for a guy, as cute as Sakurai, to wanna have FUN for a change! it’s soooooooooo sad to see them hiding their crushes or their girlfriends..we alll know it : a guy DOES want to show off his girl to the whole world, especially if she turns to be a hottie!

    But, to call it a SCANDAL, that’s funny given that it’s not even: a drug addiction, a porn tape, a harsh arrestment, an alcoholic fight…!

    Plzzz if you LOVE ARASHI, and i mean REALLY LOVE, then you gotta accept the fact that they DO HAVE A LIFE, and it’s not up to us to judge wether it’s fair or not…i mean i know they have their obligations and commitmeents with the Johnny’s entertainment but, what matters is that we should not put more pressure on them !

    • 30 Thorne

      well, actually, they have to hide their relationships because it’s against their contracts… but its obviously not enforced well. so they technically ARE scandals, because the boys arent supposed to have girlfriends… but i do think it’s a STUPID thing to try to make them follow… for all the JE boys!! they ARE humans– INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE HUMANS!!!

      • 31 Lynny

        They are allowed to have girlfriends, just not publicly. They’re not allowed to get married till a certain age, I think past 30 or 35. Just wanted to say that.

  28. 32 sho's fan

    what the hell did you expect ? they are guys damn it and it’s very normal for them to have this kind of relationships and by the way it would be very awkward if they didn’t they are already grown men i really can’t beleive that you are making such a big deal about them having a normal life !!! theye are human damn it

  29. 33 Julie

    …that one with “sho” and his “girl” is really Aiba and his girlfriend he took…

  30. 34 shinjiranai

    I was shocked when i saw Aiba’s scandal pic in YOUTUBE. This lady had created a video clip for Aiba for his 2XTH birthday, and i wonder why she put in that scandal pic. I was extremely shocked to see that!
    All these happened long long time ago, hope sth can be done. Remove the pic, let the bygones be bygone. (i feel nothing wrong with Nino’s pic)
    Well, as we call can see, Arashi has never disappointed their fans and friends.Besides, they are just human.
    Still, wishing Arashi all the best!

    Think have to put to and end, or else…few years later we may still repeatedly talking about the issue, which i dont think is healthy.

  31. 35 Matsumotojunlove

    Well, I’m atleast glad they aren’t gay.
    I mean, at times they seem to be interested in eachother
    but this is reassuring.
    plus they have lives to.

  32. 36 Aiba's LURVER

    waah…aiba-chan has a girlfriend..TT~TT
    well, at least we all know he isn’t gay! =]

  33. 37 kibakibbles

    Why do they take pictures?! I can understand him having a “personal life”, but why must they take pictures of it? That’s not normal, and being a celeb they’re bound to get out… But must support one of my favorite groups and member, go Arashi!

  34. 38 michelele

    oomigosh, but aiba-chan can do better, ne? xD And for sho’s case, I dont’ think it’s wrong of him to have a “sex friend” but I can feel that johnnys may feel a bit different about that. And nino’s just so innocent and cute xD

  35. 39 i

    > kibakibbles

    i know!! why do they have to take pictures when they are about to have/finished having sex?
    cant they just take normal pictures? i mean for normal pplz its okay but isnt that an extremely stupid thing for a ceb to do .. esp in a country like japan
    i know they are only humans and have all the right on earth to have a life
    but if they do i think they shud have it secretly (lol) becoz they are idols and thats the career they chose they shud take responsibilities for their actions

    im a arashi fan but honestly im a bit disappointed with them atm

  36. WHAT?! where are the sho pics? GOSH PEOPLE! SHARE! is it the one on the mag above? i cannot see! GAHH! im getting anxious! lol!

  37. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawhhhhhhhh…! mga palagpat kmu!

  38. 42 sakurasuki

    isn’t it so old scandal?

  39. 43 yoshidaSYU


    but at least i know- they r not gay..

  40. 44 sisi

    wow really?! :[ seeing those photos makes me sad..
    but it’s his sex life..seriously why does it matter. i don’t get why ppl
    make such big deals out of celeb sex photos..
    they’re huma..they’ll eventually cave into wanting to do it.
    and having a girlfriend isn’t a sin either..even if she’s an[lucky]ugly
    chick :/ but whatever floats his boat.
    anyways it’s nice to know that aiba-chan has expierence 😀
    hehe and that he’s NOT gay :DDD that makes me even happier

  41. that girl with aiba, she looks like kawabe chieco… isn’t it? but i’m not sure though. well i hate celebrities who took pictures of themselves with their doings and whatsoever… :]

  42. aaaawwwwww.. 😦
    when i saw the photo scandal of aiba masaki.. it makes me sad.. very disappointed in what i just saw…. i was a very big fan of aiba masaki… and in my part as a fan.. it was a very disturbing and disappointing in seeing this… however.. that’s his life.. so i have no right to object or comment regarding this.. but i felt sad.. honestly.. hehehe.. but still love them.. and i wish for their best… 😀

  43. Wat the??!!!!
    I found ur website juz in accident coz im seacrhing 4 some Sho’s pic…
    How come they also have scandals???
    Poor my bro(13 years old) luv Nino very much coz his acting in Yamada Taro….
    Oh my!! Jhonny’s always like Yama-P also got scandal…
    I getting headache reading all this stufff!!!!

    • 48 Annnie

      why cant they have scandal lol? they are humans too.Its long they dont take pics like edison chen

  44. 49 iluv2talk

    If its Mao and Jun scandal I will surely love it hahaha!!!I am pro Jun and Mao so I dont mind if they are seeing each other in real life….

  45. Yeah!! that’s NOT Sho Sakurai…’s Aiba Masaki..
    & the other is surely Nino….Gosh *faints* after seeing this either

  46. 51 Keio-girl

    all of this isn’t true the photos were photoshopped and the rumors are ALL wrong!
    The magazine isn’t popular in japan its more…the opposite of it…
    All I can say to that…IT ISN’T TRUE!!!
    someone I know have this mag. and it’s just a picture of a fan and sho in a restaurant there arent any photos with him and a naked girl or something like that!!!
    The Ohno,Nino and Aiba rumot isn’t true too…!!!
    So believe in them and not in such fu***** magazinesXD
    hope I could help you^^

  47. 52 wla

    arent these like..wayy old scandals?? wats the point of bringing them up again?…seriously give them a break…theyre normal human beings too
    just because theyre celebrities, it doesnt mean they cant date..seriously ppl..give it a rest…

  48. 54 rirai

    ehhh??. the first picture is not sakurai, I think you mistaken sakurai for aiba. ne? I really had a hard time looking at the said picture. But whatever how I look, it is Aiba.

  49. 55 MiSTAY

    Ohkays ..
    My Heart just broke …
    Especially when i saw Aiba`s scandal .

  50. 56 miku

    i would appreciate it if you would delete these pictures… they’re all really old and it’s especially annoying to true Arashi fans when people keep digging them up. thanks.

  51. 57 neKOU-CHAN


  52. 58 Elizabeth

    accidentally found your site while searching for an aiba misaki account on facebook…

    I’m a jun-bait

    but i’ve come to love aiba misaki…

    the first time i saw his pic with that girl…i felt so heartbroken..i wanted to cry…i think he’s my favorite next to jun…because of the look of innocence on him i guess…that’s gone now…really feel like crying right now

    but then…

    he was so young…everyone makes mistakes…

    at least we all know that they’re not gay…^_^

    still going to love aiba and arashi…no scandal for jun please…huhuhu

  53. 59 ArashiForever

    Old news is old.

    Besides, why do people care so much if they’re gay or not? o__O If they’re homosexual, SO. FUCKING. WHAT.
    This is their lives, they should be entitled to do what they want with them and do whatever they please.

    And yes, I understand that there are rules bound to the territory of being an idol, but if personal information like this gets published, as fans we should be supportive, not hateful because they’re gettin’ some poontang. Blahblahblah.

    Damn. Sometimes I hate being a fangirl, there’s way too much drama. .__.

    And for the last damn time, stop saying, “At least they’re not gay…”

    • 60 ArashiForever

      Oh and lolforever too ’cause I swear to Johnny’s Entertainment, I’m gonna have a buttload of rabid-fanbeasts on my ass.

      BRING IT ONNNNN. I’m ready to defend Arashi no matter what!

  54. 61 ArashiForever


    None of you are real fans if you hate something like this.
    Personally, I like knowing they even HAVE lives, let alone partners.

    A’ight, I’m done.

  55. 62 Sakura hinata

    Wei! the third rectangle pic(the one with the kissing pic right???) is not SHO!!! it’s AIBA!!!!!!Do you need to do this ba dto break my heart!!!???

  56. 63 Sakura hinata

    IT’S AIBA NOT SHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHO IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!BAKA!!!!!!!!!TRY TO REPLY ME IF YOU DARE!!!CURSE U!!!!!!!

    • 64 rona

      excuse me!it`s sho…read the statement carefully first before you get mad at the author or do i have to translate it to you in japanese? :-))

      • 65 Dia

        It’s QUITE obvious to us all that it’s AIBA and not Sho. Aiba’s face is WAY TOO different than Sho’s!

  57. 66 rona

    l think aiba kun`s pix must be deleted here.what`s the purpose of posting those photos???dont let the fans` heart be broken…:(((

  58. 67 rona

    if you have no interesting word to say about AIBA, just shut up!!!

  59. 68 rona

    sorry for the bad comments!you’re great anyway!!!!

  60. 69 nana

    tobo eso es feo

  61. 70 Dia

    Woooow… When looking at all the comments, I’m starting to think that your fandom with Arashi is less than half-assed, if I may say so.

    If you really loved these guys, you would toss this immediately away and say: “oh well, who cares! Cake, anyone?”… Okay, maybe not exactly that, but you know what I mean! XD Don’t go hating on them just because they have personal lifes too!

    I personally do not care if they have girlfriends or not, we all know that the “Super-boys” (as they called themselves in the start of their career *giggle*) are NOT homosexual. They’re only being affectionate to each other because of the fans. 🙂 So don’t go all: “OH, THANK GOD THEY’RE NOT GAY!!” because if you were a real fan of Arashi, then you’d know that they’re not gay, but only doing this because of the fans, which has been stated in a concert too where the boys confronted Ninomiya and Ohno about their touchy-feely-“relationship”. XD

    I find these angry comments disgusting. If you lose your interest to these boys and their music just because of that, then you are not real fans.

  62. Interesante!

  63. 73 mel

    yes!!! i`m with you Nino will allways be innocens like Asai kun!! I relly love him!!!

  64. 74 Yuuya

    I’ll still love you even if you have naughty pictures, Sho.
    As long as I can see them. 😉

  65. There have been some things I’ve wanted to say regarding this post and especially its comments. I shall number them.

    1. This stuff was in the past. Do care that it happened but be willing to forgive and forget. They are human and furthermore, guys. Don’t be so disappointed either, you sound petty.
    2. They are allowed to date, just NOT PUBLICLY. In other words, they can’t say whether they have a girlfriend or not. Or they can just flat out say no. They are not allowed to get married however, until they are like 30 something I believe. I’ll confirm that with someone. So please stop saying, “They are not allowed to date!!! BLAAAH!” You sound silly.
    3. If you can’t stand seeing Aiba liplocking with some fugly girl or Nino cozy with some cutie, simply ignore it. Just that simple. Don’t keep asking the person who has the pictures posted to take them down, that’s all on them to have them up. Go where those pictures are not featured. 4. Be a good fan and support your fave idols.

    That is all.

    • 77 natalie

      1. i’ll think about it ^^ – since there are so many idols to choose from nowadays. It’s easy to change side. Nope, not petty – just my right to choose whom i wanna see, idolize, or spend my money on 😀
      On the other hand, undying love from fangirls is what’s petty – sometimes downright scary. Honestly, have you ever known them personally as a close friend?
      2. THAT”S what’s sad with instant made artists naa, ha3. you have to beat yourself up to try to really please fans. Real actors, for example yagira yuuya, is really talented. He got married @ 19 n have accident with drugs once – but, yeap… the talents’ still there ^^ Idols…. don’t ever make mistake. because you’re a ‘made’ artist ^^
      3.Naaay, Nino is fine. He’s cute, and takes decent innocent and un-skanky pics ^^ – and his career are way better than the other man ^^ I have watched some of nino movies, and is quite impressed eventho not ‘that’ impressed 🙂
      4. AGAIN, to each his/ her own. If you want to be a loyalist to the end, others may not be able to.
      Oh…. and i did buy their stuff ^^ I have all DVDs just coz i gotta my money to spare, and i want to see what’s really the ‘hype’ about them about ^^
      So don’t you ever say i didn’t suppport ’em. For them – get real – support is about when you buy their stuff. Like you said, they’re just humans ^^
      That is all.

  66. 78 shoki

    I know who they are… I am Arashi’s fan in year…. I’m Asian too but I know the girls…. Sakurai’s girl is only scandal… She already married with another man so I’m very relieved…. But Masaki… in 2003, I’m very disappointed.. because her name is Yamano **** but they already broken. And Nino’s girl is already broken too. Her name is Noriko. I hate her too. But Arashi is today, Japanese national Idol. So I want to love them forever. Because, I’m Arashi’s old fan.

  67. 79 natalie

    well, for me, i don’t hate the so-called scandals, if the pictures were decent, like the nino pic… but for the aiba pics – its just unnecessary to take ‘that kind’ of picture, especially since the image he tries to portray to me – a new international fan, is somewhat hipocryte to what i saw. don’t try to charm-off fans with ‘oh i’m so cute n cuddly childish n shy’ guy, when you can’t even keep ugly gf in normal pictures. at least, with nino…i can still see him as he is @ stage ^^ -good-

    aiba, better be like nishikido ryo or akanishi jin, at least they never try to be goody-goody sweet innocent – so when pics of them in aiba style ever surface, i will just lulz it off n ‘pat their back’

  68. 80 natalie

    …and ppl, don’t try to harass the blog owner to erase the pictures, etc. i, for one, am thankful for this kind of information. because if i don’t know the truth, i will have wrong interpretation for them.
    poor justin bieber – i always compare him with aiba in term of professionalism, and turns out aiba just worse.

    i know they’re just human being, but not every human in this planet likes to fool others by multiple personality, ne ^^
    [very squeaky cleaaaan but also very pervy @ the same time]
    -can you sexy but -classy- pics?

    imho, its a ‘mistake’ just because it leaks out ^^
    i prefer true bad guys, who doesn’t try hard to glaze his image with sugar, but i could still like him.
    well…maybe i’m not a true fan afterall – but i did look up to their behavior for a while ^^, since their job is not really ‘artist’ but more as japan’s role models for young n old, nee?

  69. 81 natalie

    for ‘real’ genius artists [singer/ bands], i already idolizes x japan, hideto matsumoto, B’z, mr. children…etc.
    and for ‘real’ actors and actresses….. many are more talented than JE boys, plainly speaking 😀
    and many are handsomer, eventhough they’re not a JE member.

    Real artistry isn’t just depended on how much earnings you got at a certain year – but how long could you manage to stay in the industry. and your artist materials you present o’ course ^6^ – and more kudos if you create them yourselves.

    Idols depends on people’s patronage, because they’re only ‘marginally talented’, but are blessed with charms and good looks. Dozens of them are only shine bright for a couple o’ years – then disappeared into obscurity ^__________^
    So, of course it makes SENSE if they kinda have to ‘please’ fans by good conducts.
    Eg: look @ miley cyrus when she disses her fans vs kurt cobain for example, ha3 xD

    Lets see how long arashi can stay in the industry – because i still really like sakurai n riida n the other two. But, songs are nice but not special, and I’ve seen better acting talents.
    Its the truth – don’t just blindly defend them out of ‘blind fangirl love’

  70. 82 EmBuccaneer

    ahaha… (=A=;) *sweat drops*

  71. 83 Ngố

    They are humen, right? I mean Arashi. And they’re men, so if they have girlfriends or lovers, what’s so strange about it? If they’d reached that age without any girls, so it really is strange now(in my friend’s word: terrify). The only thing that they have to be criticized here is Johnny already said no girlfiends, lovers or wives until they’ve passed thirty. So in my opinion, this scandal of them isn’t a big deal~

  72. 84 Near

    Aibas photo Broke My Heart…i feel different when i think of him…although i love him to bits

  73. 85 kousagi4

    Um. I don’t see how we should be making such a big deal about this. They’re celebrities yes, but they are not much different from us. Like they can have relationships if they want.. Should leave them alone and not be so enraged. :c
    As for Aiba, he’s old enough to be.. I’m, engaging in such activities.
    But I guess taking pictures were a bit much. Haha..

  74. I really like it when folks get together and share views. Great
    site, stick with it!

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