Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 21st May 2008


1. TBS searches for the next Gakki for the dorama version of Koizora

(Sanspo and Tokyograph)

TBS has announced that it is producing a television drama based on “Koizora,” the mobile phone novel that became a hit movie last year. The film starred Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura, and both saw their popularity rise after the movie took in 3.9 billion yen from more than 3.1 million admissions.
Although the cast will be new, the production team is being carried over from the film, giving them another shot at the story. The team includes Natsuki Imai as director, Mutsuki Watanabe as screenwriter, and Shin Kono doing music.

The drama will feature an entirely new cast, with auditions being held for both Aragaki’s and Miura’s roles. Producers are said to be seeking unknown actors, particularly a girl who can be cultivated into becoming “the next Gakky (a nickname for Aragaki).” The cast is expected to be finalized by mid-June so that filming can begin for a summer broadcast. TBS will be airing the drama in its recently revamped Saturday 8:00pm time slot, which currently is the home of the baseball drama “ROOKIES.”

(above is the entirety of the Tokyograph report) All I can say is, it sucks to debut as the “2nd” anybody.
2. Yuki Goto sentenced to 5 and a half years behind bars
The criminal trial of Yuki Goto, the former EE JUMP member also known for being the brother of Maki Goto, came to an end on Wednesday. The judge handed him a prison sentence of 5 years and 6 months, though prosecutors had requested 8 years.
Goto was found guilty of theft (which he admitted to) in an incident that took place last September, as well as assault against a security guard (which he denied and claimed was carried out by an accomplice). The judge determined that Goto was the leader behind his group’s repeated thefts, and he also remarked that Goto had not shown proper repentance for his actions.
3. Becky’s nickname in the Geinou world is “Police”
(source: Idolgravure)
*ill be needing help with this translation :p *
Apparently Becky was rather well known in the circuit for being hardworking, reliable, steady, and an “honours student”. She appears regularly on TV and radio programs, and has many CM endorsements. If other talents appear around her, 悪い虫がつかない. –> which I take to mean, like there won’t be bad rumours or the like. (somebody please tell me the exact meaning of the phrase though, it sounds cute but i couldn’t find an explanation on google or baidu)
nevertheless, there are committed Becky-haters too. A young Geinou-jin elaborates on this, saying that “simply put, Becky obstructs other people’s progress in love matters.” Somebody would spend months of efforts trying to get a date with somebody, when suddenly on the date, the idol’s handphone would ring and it would be Becky. HAHA!
Becky has three best friends in the circuit, namely, Fukada Kyoko (25), Ueto Aya (22) and Nakagawa Shoko (22). Idolgravure wondered aloud if the reason for the lack of love rumours surrounding these three girls had anything to do with Becky. Erps.
My laptop is back, so hurray!!! However, I’m going to Osaka on Sunday! So it looks like this place MIGHT be dead for about 2 weeks. Unless I manage to rope in somebody to update this place with, HK entertainment??? *looks at makthemutant* Fashion gossip? *looks at nightingale* HMMM my friends are rather MIA nowadays though. Ohwell. =(

6 Responses to “Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 21st May 2008”

  1. 1 lisa

    who the hell is becky… any pictures?

  2. she’s the one in stand up that was all hung up on Yamapi, and the one who Shun liked!!!! ok ill upload one pronto

  3. 3 lisa


  4. the hairstyle reminds me of Tidus. from FFX. have you watched koizora? i wonder why it’s so popular….. blah

  5. 5 LORE


  6. 6 Nellyamada

    Really? I’m not really a big Becky fan but I watch her shows on TV and also I watched her Anna-san no Omame which I really liked (because of Kyotaro and Anna).

    Hmm.. Koizora is sizzling hot. It’s really great.

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