Maki Goto currently in LA (and pictures of her in pachinko parlour)


makigotola.jpgThis photo was taken from her blog, which is currently up again! It was reported here that she had closed down her blog last year (11th December 2007), amidst scandals/negative press surrounding the arrest of her younger brother, Goto Yuki. She had re-opened it yesterday however, and posted the quite sudden /shocking news that she is in LA!

In the first entry of her newly-resurrected blog (dated 25th March 2008) she writes, “It’s been a long time! I am Goto Maki. I apologize (there is no excuse) for all that has happened regarding me and my brother, thanks for your concern + worry. Though I am worried by various things, I have decided to start anew. Even though I don’t really understand all that has happened earlier, and even though it may be late, I have decided to start working towards my dreams. I want to make everybody smile/laugh again. I will work hard to make everybody remember me (not forget me). If it’s alright with you, please look out for me (with warm + accepting eyes/attitude). ” Okay sorry for the really bad/literal translation. HAHA

ANYWAY…. then I read a related but earlier report of Maki Goto dated Feb 2008. APPARENTLY she was photographed smoking and at a Pachinko Parlour! It was one of her lowest moments, according to here at least.


There she is. O_O 


Do you see Wada Akiko’s face?! At the top right hand corner. These screen captures are probably from her show, Akko ni Omakase! (Leave it to Akko!) I’d been trying for awhile but I couldn’t find it on youtube OR veoh OR crunchyroll! =(  =( I wanna watch!

Also, there were reports of GoMaki retiring –> 脱退 (dattai). There are ALWAYS reports of people retiring (okay actually just Kame + GoMaki, recently)


The Katakana (in pic above) reads “TA-BA-KO” which means tabacco which means cigarettes! HEre we get a clearer look at her face


(click on the pic for better view)

Whatever the case, I’m still sorta looking forward to her comeback! (and new single) ^_^ Ganbatte!


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