GoMaki returns to Japan


(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou

Some Maki-frenzy stirring up over there it seems. A Japanese TV station (TBS) even paid a surprise visit to Maki’s house, conducting an impromptu interview with her mother.

Interviewer: Have you heard anything about your daughter returning to Japan?

Mrs. Goto: No I have not.

Interviewer: How did she go overseas?

Mrs.Goto: Privately.

Interviewer: Can you say anything about her return to the entertainment business?

Mrs.Goto: I’m sorry but I cannot. I am very sorry.

Well in my previous entry (Die Neuesten Nachrichten:25th April 2008) I think people were still wondering if she’s back but anyway just checked her blog and the last entry is on the 22nd. Normally she updates every 1 or 2 days so…yea lah. I still can’t believe she was with nino though. straaangee 


6 Responses to “GoMaki returns to Japan”

  1. 1 XOXO

    tell me again why is this girl famous? i personally don’t see why people make fuss over her. she’s famous for being famous, that’s all. nothing extraordinary there. so why should we care? even her mom didn’t seem like she cares too. lol at her wanting to be beyonce’s protegee (scoop from uwasako).

  2. 2 blaire

    i’d flip over and do cartwheels if it were Erika Sawajiri doing a comeback but over this girl? pfft.

  3. haha i guess people think gomaki is pretty. the same way people think erika sawajiri is pretty?? nooo idea but i wanna see if she makes a good comeback or not ^_^

  4. 4 zee oh six

    you could start by looking up information on her.
    there’s this thing called the internet you could try.

    she is popular enough that to me it has become a burden which is why she also quit beside other circumstances.
    i dont think she will go britney crazy. i think that is her reaction to all the attention she thrives on.

    goto maki i think really would not like that attention and be left alone for a while.

  5. 5 Denise

    The New York Daily News and other news sources are reporting that Hiroko Mima along with Anya Ayoung Chee (Miss Trinidad and Tobago Univers 2008) are in an adult video where they engage in a steamy, 3some with Anya’s boyfriend.

    Here is the link to the video: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bxns42

  6. She is also serious in it being various.
    Is noise always made?

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