Goto Maki without make-up


(Source: Goto Maki’s blog)

Short post before I dash out for lunch. We’ve had all the Yoon Eun Hye – Kim Tae Hee – Song Hye Gyo sel-ca no-makeup photos, and they all look pretty “good” (which makes one wonder how many sel-cas they went through to get that, but probably not many. GENES! ARHHH)

GoMaki looks a bit ebbed here though. Big eyes, big nose, cute face, big eyebags too. Plus big ambitions — read on uwasako about her purported attempt to have some tie-up with beyonce. Oookay.

Lunch lunch. it’s the glorious weekend ~


2 Responses to “Goto Maki without make-up”

  1. 1 platypus

    still very cute imo

  2. 2 Mimi


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