Rule #1: The-one-with-Fiona Xie-and-Shawn-Yue


 And of course Ekin Cheng, and Singaporean director Kelvin Tong. It will open in Singapore and Malaysia on 13th March 2008, this Thursday! Anyhow, for me, the whole event is eclipsed by the Fiona Xie and Shawn Yue coupling! HAHA. Not particularly a big fan of Fiona Xie, but still can’t help feeling ^_^ + nationalistic, which my prof will deplore me for being, having just gone through the philosophical bases for the irrationality of it and blahblahbalh. Get to the point girl.


Ooooooh (there was some rumour about a bed breaking during their intimate scene, BUT it turns out Shawn Yue was ALONE on it, trying to catch a nap, when it broke. That, according to… some paper I read last week. haha)


When I saw the trailer I think they dubbed her voice. So unnatural! But don’t know, it’s unlikely but MAYBE she spoke cantonese. HAHA. Inconsequential, anyhow.


So sad, the words covered her face! Otherwise thought that photo would have been quite nice.

four.jpg The four of them at the premiere in Malaysia i THINK.


Not forgetting Ekin Cheng (haha) we so conveniently left him out.


and the poster (which looks unremarkable. somebody should revolutionize horror movie posters)


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