Edison Chen to film movie in Singapore?



(Chinese online news source: here) And I was just rambling on yesterday that “nobody” ever comes to Singapore haha. Today’s Life! newspaper (from the Straits Times) reported that Edison Chen is in talks to star in a film alongside Shu Qi that will be shot in Singapore and Chicago. As I was unable to link to the Straits Times (they have some policy about online registration, why on earth though in this age of free information?) I have only managed to find a chinese version of the news.

It reports that as expected by many, Edison Chen has only retired from the Hong Kong entertainment circle, and not the larger entertainment industry – there had been some confusions over his sombre apology statement.

The film is estimated to cost US10 million dollars to make, with a Singaporean company and an American Independent Film association of some sort investing in this venture. The plotline goes like this: Edison Chen plays some student studying abroad in the States and upon graduation gets sent to Singapore to work by his company. Here, he occasions upon Shu Qi, who plays a “pretty lady” , but eventually their relationship doesn’t work out because he discovers some tensions and conflicts between Shu Qi’s character and her family which he cannot accept.

However, there is no confirmation as of yet whether Edison Chen will really participate in this project. Reports say that he has many movie offers coming in, blahblhablah, he’s still in demand, yadayadayada. Also, three of his hitherto completed movies have not yet made their way to the big screen. No reports on when they will be out.

IF he comes to singapore, my oh my. It’s such a small place, and a sex-crazed person like him can’t play monk too long. Most Singaporeans will know of the Dawn Yang episode , in which she revealed that she had been approached by the guy for some sort of tryst. (does any non-Singaporean who followed the HK scandal actually know who she is by the way? If you would be so kind please leave a comment affirming this, haha.) There were also rumours of him having had trysts with some minister’s daughter, but whatever man. I really wonder what’d happen in the event that he comes. ^_^ *excited for scandal*, should’ve named this blog schadenfreudegranny or something. hiak hiak 


9 Responses to “Edison Chen to film movie in Singapore?”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    My sister’s friend knew Dawn Yang in the good ol’ days when she was at our alma matar, and well…

  2. ooo… ur sis went hc is it?

  3. 3 niza

    edison celibate? lol. after all that photos, it’s kinda hard to imagine that. blow up dolls, instead? heh.

  4. 4 makthemutant

    Erm…what’s the relation between HC and my sister having a friend who knew Dawn Yang??? For the record, she went to NJ. Haha.

  5. my sister jus graduated from NJ too!!!!! haha no la no relation just CHATTING lor. damn sian

  6. 6 hazal

    çok yakışıklısın çok beyeniyorum

  7. 7 elanor

    seninle gurur duyuyorum
    seni çok seviyorum

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