Eric Khoo’s My Magic vying for Cannes’ Palme D’or!


(online English source: Mumbai news) Haha there are many news sources for this but I just thought Mumbai news offered a fresher (less Singapore-centric perspective)…. though it’s quite Singapore-positive!

And I’m so obviously just using this space to conveniently plug +push the Singaporean arts scene! But yea man I’m looking forward to watching this movie… unlike many others I totally did NOT enjoy Royston Tan’s 881. It was like an extended MTV, though it’s populist/sensationalist and has won many a heartlander’s fancy… I still prefer good old STORYLINES. Didn’t really like Eric Khoo’s Be With Me either (even though I am partial towards homo/les plotlines… ESP Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together omgomgomg ❤ ). Anyway the rest of the entry is just cut and paste from Mumbai News. (Just a note to unhappy people looking for jap gossip…. there wasn’t any particularly interesting news that CALLED out to me today… just more stuffs about Koizumi Kyoko singing some theme song and GLAY’s new single being used for some soccer thing. o_O)

(Mumbai News) The 61st Cannes International Film Festival, being held from May 14 to 25, 2008, announced its complete line-up on April 23. Alas, and even more so, a lack, there is not one single new film selected from India, not even the short or documentary, which usually finds a place in Cannes’ Cinefondation or its Shorts Competition. The saving grace selected some time back is the late Vijay Anand’s Guide which will play in Cannes’ Classics section, with Dev Anand attending the event.

India is beginning to appear in festivals in other avatars, and in Cannes this time, with its lifestyle, languages and its immigrant population capturing creative minds working in cinema and in literature.  Singapore’s charismatic filmmaker Eric Khoo demonstrates this cross-cultural interest in his entry, My Magic, which is competing in Cannes alongside 18 other films.   


One Response to “Eric Khoo’s My Magic vying for Cannes’ Palme D’or!”

  1. Eric’s Mee Pok Man’s awesome, Be With Me’s alrite for us. Gotta catch this new one. Good luck Eric!

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