Dance of the Dragon Premiere at Cathay, Singapore!


I thought I’d pop on down to Cathay and snap some photos and do some of that “grassroots” reporting I always used to read about, and here are 4 unprofessional photos of the Dance of the Dragon premiere at Cathay!! HAHA. For those of you who don’t know yet, it stars Singapore’s Fann Wong, Korea’s Jang Hyuk, and Jungle Boy Jason Scott Lee!!!

First photo shows us the water-rain-proofed “red-carpet”. The event was supposed to have started at 6pm, I arrived at 6.15pm, and there was barely a crowd– testimony to our sad sad fan culture (And no wonder Maroon 5 ended their concert after only an hour- my korean teacher says that if Singaporeans were better fans they may have stayed longer. haha) The following photos (at the bottom) should tell the tale. Most people were walking past it. Anyway I couldn’t stay long so I just walked there, surreptitiously snapped some photos, and slinked away. Rather piqued about the movie, especially after seeing the trailer. Then after reading some comments at POPSEOUL!’s entry about it however I did wonder about whose English would sound better, Fann Wong’s or Jang Hyuk’s? They’re good actors though, I think. kinda sucks that the English-factor has to interfere. They should have made Fann Wong’s character a mute or something, she can just look pretty and act through facial expressions or something, and made it in Korean so Jang Hyuk doesn’t have to use English. As for Jason Scott Lee… uh. They could’ve have gotten Rain for his part! HAHA but then it’d just be a Korean film and not a pseudo-Hollywood one. Oh well. Enjoy the trailer~!



9 Responses to “Dance of the Dragon Premiere at Cathay, Singapore!”

  1. 1 lisa

    i rmb that time jay chou came there were THRONGS of people. oh well. lol.

  2. did i tell u that time when i was sec 3 my best friend and i staked out for Tom Cruise for Vanilla Sky premiere?! hahahaa
    have you staked out for anybody before?

  3. If I knew Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig were at the London Odeon for the Golden Compass premier, I would have staked them out actually. Wasted.

  4. 4 lisa

    lol yeah i have i went to the heroes meet at vivo the other time where i waited two hours to see ali larter masi oka suresh and the other whats his name (not meaning to be rude lol) for 10 mins. i wasnt even their fan actually, i just went with my friends and took a ton of photos. after that when they were going off everyone went nuts and ran to the side cos they were walking out i being smart squashed myself into a space AND GOT TO BE LIKE A FEW CM AWAY FROM THEM MINUS THE SECURITY GUARDS FOR 10 SECONDS!!!! hahahahaa

    i would have preferred if hayden came.

  5. hey makthemutant! do you know who lisa is?! she’s your domineering wife’s from sec school’s youngest sister!!! lisa! makthemutant is rachel’s henpecked “husband” from sec school!! HAHAHAAH

  6. 6 lisa

    oh yeah and who are you going to watch the movie with? hehehehhee i think i want to watch it now, just because jang hyuk is cute he reminds me of keanu reaves somehow and i think its cool that fann wongs in this!!! but somehow seeing her just makes it seem a singaporean…..

  7. 7 lisa

    WTF hahahahaahahaha

  8. we’re all online at the same time!!! HAHAHAHA

  9. and i don’t mind watching it with you! but after the 12th of may or something HAHA EXAMS =(

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