JDorama Ratings for Jan – Mar 2008!


 (I will not be listing EVERY DORAMA in the list – only those that interest me HAHA. for the full list please see here.)


In 1st place, Katori Shingo and Takeuchi Yuko’s Bara No Nai Hanaya (The flower shop with no roses, what a sweet title!), with 18.58%! (FujiTV)


In 4th place, Oguri Shun’s Binbo Danshi!! (why is his left hand … where it is?? O_O oh well but i wanna watch!) This dorama received 11.57%! (NTV) 


In 7th place, Kame’s and Kuroki Meisa’s One Pound Gospel!!! (NTV) With 10.6%! Yes I’ve heard the script isn’t that good =( …. but oh well. it’s still on my holiday to-view list! ^_^


At 8th place, Loss Time Life with 10.33%! (FujiTV)


At 9th place, Tamaki Hiroshi’s Shika Otoko Awo niroshi with 9.92%!! (FujiTV)


In 12th place, Kyoko Fukada’s (man haven’t heard about her in a looong time) Mirai Koshi Meguru with 9.08%! (TV Asahi)


And in 13th place, Ikuta Toma’s Hachimitsu to Clover with 8.91%! (FujiTV)

Bleah I wish Toma’s dorama had higher ratings… ganbatte!! ^_^

5 Responses to “JDorama Ratings for Jan – Mar 2008!”

  1. 1 banzai

    Honey&Clover deserves to be in at least the top 5 of this list, seriously. I don’t get why it has such low ratings :’c It’s one of the best dramas I’ve seen, like, ever.
    Ah well. At least Binbo’s pretty high up there, the one ep that’s been subbed was awesome~

  2. really? YAY im glad to hear at least that its good, go Toma! the storyline for binbo sounds VAGUELY reminiscent of Hideaki Takizwa’s Boku Dake no Madonna… but i never finished watching that one. it’s like poor struggling student getting bullied here and there. hahaha

  3. 3 Mysaki-san

    i wonder too why it received low ratings, honestly i like honey and clover, liked it better than the anime and it’s a real tear-jerker althought blunlty the ending was pretty disappointing. anyway i wished it received better ratings :]

  4. 4 hey!say!7jump

    seen baisically all of then loved them i recomend
    1 pond gospel
    bombee men
    sort of honey and clover ( love ikuta toma)
    bara no nai hanaya had a sad story line ( sizuka girl was a great actress) love it!

  5. 5 kyoko-sama

    Kyoko’s so cute.

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