After Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi comes Kuroki Meisa in a biopic of Kawashima Yoshiko


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) After playing a nun alongside Kamenashi Kazuya in One Pound Gospel, Kuroki Meisa now takes up the challenge of playing prominent cross-dressing war figure (the word heroine may be a bit politically testy) Kawashima Yoshiko in Asahi TV’s new dorama, to be aired later in the year, [男装の麗人(仮)~川島芳子の生涯~]. (Dansou no Reijin – The beauty who dressed as a guy- the Life of Kawashima Yoshiko). Another cross-dressing role! Well well.

You can read Kawashima Yoshiko’s full biography here at Wikipedia, but the main gist of it is that she was a Manchurian Princess (hence her surname was Asin Gioro 愛新覺羅) given to a Japanese, Kawashima Naniwa by the Imperial family as a ‘token’ of friendship. Even though she was Manchurian by blood, she grew up in Nagano, Japan, and worked as spy for the Japanese during WW2. Hailed as a traitor by the Chinese, but perhaps a heroine by the Japanese, I’m now wondering if the dorama will cause any uh… tensions when it finally airs. o_o.  Does sound interesting though. Especially as Kawashima Yoshiko purportedly had a passion for cross-dressing, a ‘dominant personality’ and a beautiful and striking face.

Which was why I linked it to Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi, though the genre is really oceans apart ( historical drama versus manga-styled romantic comedies). Nevertheless the common thread is still there.

Kuroki Meisa (by the way, how did a mixed latin american-Okinawan girl come to play a Manchurian? Erps. Kawashima Yoshiko seems pretty Chinese, even Japanese-looking to me!) will play Kawashima from ages 14-35, after which Maya Miki (44) will play Kawashima till her execution. Yagi Yuki (7) will play Kawashima as a kid. 

The picture above on the right strikes me as rather Oscar Wilde-ish, though the parallel be imperfect. By the way, just in case anybody’s interested, Anita Mui had played Kawashima Yoshiko’s role before.


7 Responses to “After Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi comes Kuroki Meisa in a biopic of Kawashima Yoshiko”

  1. おもしろそうだね!yessss I like kamenashi toooo ha ha so I don’t really like her X_x
    I found a new dorama to watch… it’s a 2006 show I think, set in Yokohama (I like!)…
    たった一つの恋 =)

  2. 2 storky

    tatta hitotsu no koi!!!! i watched it just recently!!! its really nice, and sad….. and sort of sappy but i still like it!!!

    its a nice love story!!! haha

    when i watched it actually i thought kame acted pretty well, and i had this premonition that it would be really tragic

  3. 3 storky

    and….. YOUVE HIT THE 100000 MARK!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO

  4. 4 cheers

    OOoh what a wickedly good risk-taking and possibly controversial role!! OOoh so she is part-Latin American?!! I knew something was different in her looks. Man, why didn’t I turn out as good-looking as her?! hhehehe. With her looks, she can play just about any type of character with the right make-up and hair. I would watch it to see how they execute the story…I hope it has good non-cheesy script. She definitely can play a very strong gal. Thanks.

  5. 5 sakura

    wow sounds like very interesting dorama.I really like meisa in One pound gospel.She’s pretty good actress

  6. 6 lovely

    beautiful but maki is more beautiful than her

  7. 7 shiela

    maki is more beautiful than her but i lyk her simple beauty!
    but maki is amazing!ehehehe

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