On Crows Zero



I watched it with Lisa yesterday night and it was FABULOUS! However I have two points to make. 1) WHY oh WHY did Straits Times Life! give it TWO and a HALF stars (out of five)??? Actually I’ve always mistrusted such ranking /grading schemes but I must just rant about it again, because I had a feeling they gave such a low grade cos of it’s semi-manga style. Or cos they didn’t dig their type-of-humour. Or cos they couldn’t find some deep philosophical moral to the story. Or thought it was more jap fluff. I think alot of people, on seeing crazy japophiles, just jump to bigoted conclusions about jap (and korean for that matter) entertainment without giving them a chance!! =(

That said, I was SHOCKED to see Kuroki Meisa’s name flash up on the screen two minutes into the movie. AHHH! (Yes I didn’t do my homework before the movie, intending to just go in and watch and not read any spoilers off the net) Well, I reiterate my rambles in this previous post that she is sOoOo lucky!!! Admittedly though, the Kuroki Meisa- Oguri Shun coupling seems more realistic than Kuroki Meisa- Kame OR Nino combi.


Lisa and I were commenting so much that the guy beside us shushed us. Like ookay, he was sitting in OUR seat in the first place, but I was too polite to ask him to move. But yah lah I guess I’d have been pissed if two stupid girls next to me kept gushing about blahblahbalh. 😛


Also, I was surprised to see Yamada Takayuki as Serizawa Tamao!!! ^_^ I recognised him from H2~Kimi to Itahibi, a dorama about baseball! He reminds me of somebodyyy…. which brings me to my next post! ^_^ In any case, I think he’s a great actor!! Very comic face ❤ ❤

10 Responses to “On Crows Zero”

  1. 1 fatfish

    whats the show about?

  2. go watch it! it’s funny!!!!

  3. 3 storkytruck

    LOL you didnt really answer the question!!! this is Lisa btw :> haha the show is about genji(oguri shun)’s conquest in taking over the school he has just transferred to, sazuran or smthng boys high. basically its about fighting, and like reasons behind fighting etc etc. oh i was just thinking about it, straits time prolly gave it two stars cause it dosent have a very strong plot or smthng but so!?!?!?!?! the movie is very cute you should watch it :> :> :> ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  4. 4 storkytruck


  5. I didn’t answer the question ON PURPOSE! cos he should go watch it himself

    and yes GACKT IS DA MAN!

  6. The Crows comic was very popular back in my time.

  7. 7 maria brink

    ii love tamaoo serizawa i wish i can be brave as him haha lol!


  9. 9 syhh

    i watch crow zero every night for about a week.its so awesome..i wish there are man as brave as all of them.but,however,its just a made up character.the crow zero2 presenting miura haruma as tatsuya bitou.cute boy.love him..

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