Kago Ai’s Hosaka Naoki-connection


( Japanese online gossip source: Entame)

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 Entame’s reports are supposedly from the exclusive interview Ohmy TV had with Kago Ai which I couldn’t find on youtube and haven’t bothered trying again since.

In any case, the guy you see on the left here is Hosaka Naoki, some old-time actor and whose profession in wikipedia reads: “actor, singer and buddhist monk.” O_O. Okay I’ve never heard of him before but he looks a LITTLE bit like KimuTaku. Haha.

Anyway, he was apparently a key man + instrumental in getting Kago Ai to return to the Geinou-kai. PLUS, it turns out that Kago Ai’s 36 year-old beau, Ishimoto Yasuyuki, is his FRIEND! Well well well, makes sense in any case, for Ishimoto-san must have been well-connected to the Geinou-kai in the first place to get to know Kago Ai. I’m assuming here of course that Morning Musume girls don’t just run out all over the place looking for older businessmen but actually I don’t know what I’m saying cos for all we know they do. Whatever. Moving on…

Ishimoto-san was said to be feeling guilty for getting Kago Ai fired — remember his invitation to her to “go somewhere far far away”? So he went to have a chat with his good friend Hosaka-san, who also felt like he should do something to help her. So he went to talk to his agency, FACE NETWORK, which is rumoured to have signed Kago Ai? I went to check at the website but her face wasn’t there yet, and further down the article Entame says that there may even be a possibility of Ishimoto-san setting up an agency just for her, as he is apparently filthy rich + has lots of influence in the industry. After Kago Ai got sacked, he also gave Kago Ai’s mother 600 000 Yen – I mean, her stepdad had lots of debts etc. and there was no money coming in.

Her mother is also reportedly very money-minded, Kago Ai reportedly felt used by her father, and all of this culminated in the wrist-cutting incident. Okay very good. The tragic story and the comeback girl, we have it all. I must say though she looks quite different on her blog. For all we know maybe the tragic story is real and oh! what a world we live in.


4 Responses to “Kago Ai’s Hosaka Naoki-connection”

  1. ha ha choon u’re amazing sourcing out all this info… I’m lost! I don’t even know the majority of the pple talked abt in these articles. hehe btw I got stranded in town today for a bit because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPVxCh2cuuw

  2. it’s not that amazing there’s just a standard list of websites that I check everyday and I pick out the articles that interest me most =) so alot of OTHER stuff gets left out .. just because im not particularly concerned. that’s also why ayu gets left out most of the time hahaha…

    and TIBET! did you read the article i left on our pri sch blog!? i thought that made alot of sense.

  3. 3 lisa

    you know, in the whole kago ai thing, the thing im most interested in is seeing Ishimoto san’s face.

  4. 4 Puffy Love

    Six months down the road and we can see that Aibon has practically rebounded from the previously two years. As far as the Hosaka Naoki connection, I’m sure you’ve seen the Ameba Studios interview that he had with Aibon who just HAPPENED to be walking by, uh-huh!

    If you happen to see it again, notice that he’s wearing a Nalu tee-shirt which, of course, is one of the products that Aibon is heavily involved in promoting. There are pics of her at the Nalu store when she was in Hawaii and she gave Sanma some Nalu bags when she was on his show.

    While you may have checked in with his agency and didn’t find Aibon there, it turns out that he is now affiliated with a different agency and…………..so is Aibon!!


    I just checked your link for the Face Network and he is no longer listed there……but what is apparent is that Aibon signed to an already existing agency, albeit one that created “Mainstream” just for her, and Naoki seemed to have had something to do with it.

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