Kago Ai reveals that she had attempted suicide


(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)  Kago Ai revealed on TV Asahi’s “Super Morning” show on 7th April 2008 that she had attempted suicide. ( I must admit that this was also in the Entame source quoted in my earlier entries, except at the time I was befuddled by the katakana– リストカット — which reads risutokatto. Well read in this context, I’m sure my distinguished reader can tell what it is. WRIST-CUT!!!!) 

Kago Ai revealed that she had used a pair of scissors and cut deeply into her left wrist. However, she explains, as people knew who she was she couldn’t go to the hospital and so bandaged her wound herself. She also affirmed her relationship with businessman Ishimoto Yasuyuki (36 years old) but clarified that she’s not thinking of marriage yet.

An official fan site will be launched at Yahoo! from the 10th onwards (if I’m not mistaken she will launch a new blog from the 10th onwards too)

ALSO, I was unable to find ANY video on youtube of the extended version of her interview, because they’ve all been REMOVED by TV Asahi + Ohmy TV. =(. I hope more fans flood the free video-streaming sites or something blah




8 Responses to “Kago Ai reveals that she had attempted suicide”

  1. ha ha choon.. who’s kago ai? she looks kinda cute tho i nthe photo below… but was that when she was a kid? hee… 🙂

  2. 2 lisa

    omg ok fine i feel bad about her BUT SHE SOUNDS LIKE AN ATTENTION HOGGER!!! WHO CARES ABOUT HER ALREADY!!!!!

  3. She was from Morning Musume, I rmb her from WAYYY back very cute right? But she got expelled twice for smoking … the photo with her in short hair is her NOW. The long hair one is last time. Haha Morning Musumes are all very cute

    EH EH EH you’re learning jap too right you can help translate articles for me too! HAHAHAHAHA no lah only if ure damn sian

  4. to Lisa — HAHAHAHA aiya they’re all like that what, you need to be facetious to a certain extent to even be a celebrity! I mean if you think about it, the whole job is about getting people to LIKE YOU! You have to ingratiate yourself!!!! scary jobbb

  5. 5 Marcko

    i don’t care waht people say… i still love kago ai (notice that she said that she’ll never use the nickname aibon again), and i fell bad that she passed all that in her life, i mean, she felt dissapointed for passing from being an super idol loved by all japan, and almost every hello! project fan, to be the girl that was expeled from UFA, and she felt so depresed, i want her to come back to the idol world, she still have a lot of fans!!

  6. 6 SozoSama

    Aibon is still awsome in my book. I hear she’s putting out a new minialbum, I can’t wait.
    She’s not realy an attention hogger, it’s just that everyone is making a big fuss over her.
    I miss W sooooo bad. I hope Aibon and Nono are still friends.

  7. 7 Mary

    I agree, Sozosama…. I wonder if Aibon’s been able to meet little Noa yet…Seeing as it’s her best friend’s baby. (Or ex-best friend…Dunno which.) The only mentioning -I’ve- heard of Nono from Aibon was during the interview when Aibon was on Sanma no Manma… (He suggested ‘Tsuji-chan’ as a name for Aibon’s puppy, and Aibon sort of laughed it off…)

    Oh well. Maybe someday, they’ll join forces again…somehow…I hope…=/

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