Update: Kago Ai’s return to the Geinou-kai!


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame / Related post on this site: here) Okay I have about 7 minutes before I have to dash off for class so here is the low-down in point-form:

* I couldn’t find the full interview on youtube yet, just many copies of the same “teaser” in the earlier entry I’ve posted here, the rest of this post is translation from the Entame site!*

1)Her parents divorced in March 2007.

2) In her lowest moments, somebody called Ishimoto (石本氏) asked her to go somewhere far away with him, to some onsen at this place called– 草津 (grass something! SORRY will check later!)

3) Felt like giving up on herself when her contract was ended

4)Spent 3 months in Los Angeles with Ishimoto-san.

5) Ishimoto-san is still supporting her currently.

6)Her decision to return was prompted by her fans’ “voices”, who had opened a website giving her support.

7) She wants to repay her gratitude for the support she has received from now on.

8) She is now taking English lessons, voice lessons as well as dance lessons but her schedule is as of yet unplanned.

Happy Monday peeps!


2 Responses to “Update: Kago Ai’s return to the Geinou-kai!”

  1. 1 lisa

    man….. i wish i had someone like ishimoto san!1!!!!!!! <3333 i mean like how cool is that…..

    i would live with him forever, if he wasnt a cheekopek.

  2. O_O ARE YOU SURE?!?!!? What if he were 37 years old./1?!?!?!?! don[‘t be crazy lisa hahaha

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