Akanishi Reiho (Jin’s younger brother) to debut in movie



(click on the left photo to watch his audition video for D-Boys – he didn’t get thru that one though)



(on a side note, the picture on the extreme right is that of Korean Actor Jisung – from All In, starring Song Hye Gyo and Lee Byung Hyun. I think Akanishi Fuuta looks like Jisung!!! hAHA)

FIRST UP, he’s changed his name to Fuuta. (赤西礼保 to 颯太(ふうた) ) He is 20 years old this year and will appear in a movie called “39 new year’s cards”. It hasn’t been officially announced yet (hence googling + baidu-ing didn’t get me anything , except that another girl called Natsumi Erena will be acting in it. Couldn’t get a photo of her either, but found her wiki profile.)

anyway my source is here in jap and here is my attempt at translating it! ^_^ (i’ll just translate the parts that interest me)

Interviewer: How did you get your first break?

Fuuta: Since Sec 2 I’ve liked watching movies alot, especially “Green Mile”. Then I asked my parents, how do people get to become actors? I totally did not know that my brother was already in the entertainment world (geinou kai).

Interviewer: REALLY?

Fuuta: While I was eating dinner with my family, my brother suddenly appeared on TV. “What on earth is he doing there?” I thought but, because our relations weren’t good at the time, I didn’t ask. I saw my brother and burned (either Fuuta was burning with anger, or he thought Jin looked good. I can’t really tell. (兄の姿を見て燃えた)

Interviewer: How many failed auditions did you have?

Fuuta: 6. After this audition (for 39 new year cards presumably) people around me kept asking me how it went and that gave me alot of pressure. My good friends however said that it’s okay if it didn’t go through, and that another suitable project will come along. My mother said if you never try/do you will never succeed. (成せばなる、成さねばならぬ –> much more elegant in japanese haha)

Interviewer: How do you feel about being compared to your brother(Akanishi Jin)?

Fuuta: At first I was like, “WHY?” but now I’m not. It can’t be helped. It can’t be helped if people think I’m just trying to gain from his influence, from the fact that I’m his brother.

Interviewer: How are your relations with your brother?

Fuuta: We used to fight alot. But now we’re okay, we go out and play together.

Interviewer: Why did you want to change your name?

Fuuta: I really liked my original name so I hated to change it, but because my brother’s so famous I wanted a new start. I want to win or lose by myself (not because I am a relative of who-and-who)

Okay so he doesn’t look as cute as Jin (But Jin’s a narcissistic vainpot + arrogant-ish) so I hope Reiho (I prefer this name) doesn’t turn out like his brother. HAHA. Shall wait around for more news + pics! he should start cam-whoring and photoshopping so we can all see what he looks like beneath all that fringe and waves. HAHA^_^

*edit: okay just found new photos and uploaded them above (those of the newspapers were new. haha. he looks like Jisung!! and the jawline a BIT like Oguri Shun, no?)

17 Responses to “Akanishi Reiho (Jin’s younger brother) to debut in movie”

  1. 1 DotDotDot

    In the pics, the kid looks older than Jin…and he looks like he could be Kame’s brother instead…hahahah. Thanks much for the interview. How come so many Johnny Junior boys like “Green Mile?” It’s not the first time I read or hear this movie mentioned in an interview. Hmmm I must analyze…there must be a significance, I say!!

  2. I didn’t know alot of johnny junior boys like Green Mile! That’s interesting. But anyway I’m not sure if Jin’s brother is in Johnny’s… think he’s with some other company! but hope he turns out to be a good actor! can’t wait to check out his new movie! yay! *pom poms*

  3. 3 Yuu

    nope, Reio is not in Johnny’s Jimusho.
    and yes, can’t wait for the movie~! =3

  4. 4 mel

    @_@ how does he not know that Jin got into JE? … they must be really distant. Aww. that sucks that he has to change his name. He seems like a cool/smart guy. I think it’s harder for someone to continue after many failures than to be successful straight off the bat. He really looks like Jin
    Thanks for the translations

  5. You’re welcome, and yah it sounds like the Akanishi family has some serious issues! how can you not know right?! either that or the reporter was exaggerating his reply or something.. haha.

  6. 6 ichijin

    thank you for the news!!
    reio so poor, ne?
    he always be compared with jin.

    but… ganbare REIO!!! XDDD

    may i post this news in indonesia forum?
    of course credit to you and to your blog.

  7. sure no problem!!!!! ^_^
    yes I think reio’s different anyway , he’s not a Johnny’s recruit so let’s see if his path differs. maybe he’ll be a method actor/arthouse type HAHA ^_^

  8. 8 ray

    I have another picture of reioh. I cant believe he didnt know jin was famous. they must really be distant

  9. yah! strange right? either that or the gossip source was exaggerating or something but haven’t had anybody flame/complain/comment about it so I guess high chance the gossip site wasn’t lying after all ^_^

  10. 10 liz

    Are you sure it’s Fuuta?? ’cause some of the sites i visited say it’s Souta….Just making sure which one is it..

  11. 11 stalker_queen

    Jin hater here.. but i think ill suport Reiho/Fuuta whatever his name will be, i just hope he will not end up like his bastrd bro

  12. 12 liz

    hey stalker_queen…i also hate jin!! yAAY!! no offense to the jin fans..but yeah..i’ll still support Fuuta/Souta. I think he’ll be different in a positve way than his BAKAnishi bro.

  13. 13 2ni

    Fuuta/Souta what ever his name is looks alot like jin… but anyways im so gonna support him!

  14. 14 Gossip

    It’s not fair, calling Jin narcissistic, give the boy some praise
    even if you dont like him for whatever reasons you have.
    According to polls, britney spears has more hate website than
    sadam hussein has. You know why? because britney is so damn good
    that everytime she visits a show, its like the president is on show.
    Kinda reminds me of jin, whatever he does make him seem more
    popular thats why he’s hated. A lot of people will hate you
    for being great at something. Somehow, calling him a bastard
    makes me laugh, youre’ quite helping him to be more popular.

  15. 15 Sweetheart

    I agree with gossip’s word..more comment(good or bad) about jin make him more popular..akanishi is arrogantish? I don’t believe that..if true,he haven’t a lot of fans..each his performance,he looks cute and always smile..how do u know he is arrogantish and narsissistic?

  16. 16 Lissa

    oh noes..Jin took all the good-looking genes from his brother! XD

  1. 1 Update: Two more pictures of Akanishi Reiho « My First Gossip Blog

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