Photo of Shirota Yuu with Kitagawa Keiko (and other random photos)


(Japanese online gossip source: Entamegeinou) I think the source alleges that Shirota Yuu “stole” Kitagawa Keiko from Akanishi Jin, but I’m not too sure cos 1) no time to verify with online dictionary 2) don’t really follow news about Jin + whowho girls 3) didn’t want to sensationalise this too much. Kitagawa Keiko looks more enthusiastic about this photo than Yuu anyway, and from the little I’ve read about her (just knew who she was about one minute ago) she seems … like the kinda girl that is famous for hanging out with cute guys. HAHA! In any case, if you click on the link I’ve given above it actually gives some more other photos of Johnny’s boys with various girls, but some are just taken from magazines or just really bad, as in, the people in question are like TINY. so what’s the point.

Below are other photos of Jin from the time when he was in LA and other random times?

(click on it to see bigger version, he’s behind the “AHHH” guy in the green jacket — but you already knew that)

end off with a cute+innocent neoprint! haha!





37 Responses to “Photo of Shirota Yuu with Kitagawa Keiko (and other random photos)”

  1. 1 a9n30a91

    woah! allegedly stole from jin? that was news..
    i heard that this girl was from his movie heat islands so they really must be close..
    anyway, talents from JE are prohibited from having girlfriends right?

  2. 2 sakura

    I once heard JE boys are not allowed to have a girlfriend but maybe it have changed now since i’ve seen so many JE boys went out and dated girls these day.

  3. 3 Quin

    The guys in JE are allowed to date, but it can’t be a public relationship. I also remember hearing about Yuu and Keiko possibly going out because of this photo, but they were together due to filming.

  4. But Shirota Yuu isn’t from JE right?? He’s from Watanabe DBoys or something i thought .. hmm

  5. 5 MagiNcia

    Yeah, is from d-dboys. The fact that shirota always pops up related to yamashita and jin stories is because the three of them are really good friends.
    But yeah, Johnnies getting caught datting is a bad thing, and in business-wise it has its logic: hot, idol guys having girlfriends, or “being taken” won’t fare well on their fans, there are a lot of dangerous, jealous fangirls out there and they wan’t their idols all to ‘themselves’. I’ve read some news about fans totally hating Kudo Shizuka’s guts out (now wife of Kimura Takuya) and even sending hate mail to her; and even though KimuTaku has still a lot of fans, esp in older women, its not even near what it used to be, imo of course.

  6. 6 lisa

    i think thats really dumb…. i mean i wish the dong bang boys had girlfriends…. they would look so hot together(i think? unless its like kamexkoizumi or whoever..) and it would be fodder for so much gossip. i think the fact that takukimu is married is even cooler….

    this is the first time ive really seen like those manga face comparisons in real life where the guys face is so much bigger than the girl 0_0 like woah

  7. 7 Sakura Y.

    Kitagawa regards Shirota as an older brother figure. And it seems like Jin is too busy with skanky teens to bother with Keiko in a serious relationship. ^^

  8. 8 Sakura Y.

    oh, and to the other Sakura, the boys aren’t allowed to date, officially. But men are men and they have needs, ne?

  9. 9 Beatrice

    The “AH” guy is Akanishi’s friend from the photos of him in New York in the Pikachu’s suits. Looks like they both went back to Japan together.

  10. hi!
    please give a photos from yuu shirota.thanks,i cant wet.

  11. I am from Philippines,I am Filipino girl.
    one pands of yuu shirota.

  12. 13 devlsangel

    Ehhhhh, I don’t care who dates who. It’s not like it hurts my non-existent chances anyway. Besides, no one can take my fantasies away 😉
    Anywho, I heard Shirota say something about not having a girlfriend for so long, but his company has no problem with romantic relationships *shrug*

  13. i dont really care about that girl in the picture all i want is to know more about him…

  14. 15 natsumi

    i don’t care on whom shirota-kun is dating, though i’m one of his fans, it’s the reality that we can not mandate him on who’s girl he want to go with…

  15. 16 kana

    they are close beacause of ilming. And Keiko never dated Jin before. There wasn’t even any rumors about them.

  16. 17 phat

    Keiko date jin? i don’t think so. jin is too good for keiko. I like keiko better with matsumoto. I like emi suzuki with yuu shirota!

  17. 18 Fragile

    i hope Jin dates an ugly, nasty-looking girl
    so that i wont get jealous, hekhek!

  18. 19 yumiko

    i think there is no matter about this picture..
    yuu said in an interview that he never had a girlfriend
    in the past “two years” or so…if they are dating already,
    then it’s not a big problem as long as they don’t hurt others…anyway shirota-san is really cute!!

  19. have a nice day for all of us. God bless us.. what I really want to say is: hope you listen to the bible studies at IGLESIA NI CRISTO or THE CHURCH OF CHIRST.hehehe… thank you….

  20. 21 rin yamano

    yeah, at least it proves that shirota yuu is not a gay

  21. 22 orino

    as i’ve heard the JE boys aren’t allowed to date unless they’re 24 yrs. old

  22. 23 michel

    y esa mujer¡¡ q hace a su ladoo ¡¡¡¡¡ espero q no sea su koibito ¬¬ ESTA FEEEEEEEAAAA .

  23. japanese celebs are also scandalous!

  24. 25 eh?!

    for fayee [commentator above] i think ALL the celebrities are scandalous,,it’s part of them being a celebrity, once you enter show business scandals will help you sort of boost your popularity to the top, get attention, be discovered, be talked about, be the CENTER of attraction for everyone, sort of an advertisement, topic wise- i think it’s only natural that shirota yuu go out with someone, it doesn’t matter actually whether he dated the same girl with jin,,it’s only but natural that the girl will crave for the two Jap star..but let us face the truth..who wouldn’t?!

  25. Dear ….

    Hi! My name’s Solyfor H.
    May i ask u a question?
    It’s about ” Shirota Yuu with Kitagawa Keiko ” . Are they a couple?
    They love each other, right?
    Thanks before-hand.


    Hsolyfor ( 4 ) <“(^_*)/”

    • 27 fe_brice_ly

      nope they’re not couples, instead, yuu shirota has his other GF and it’s not keiko but Yasuda Misako, their relationship started since last year of i think september to november.

  26. 28 iii


  27. 29 ║ ♣•♦•♠•♥ [ℓα∂μ ჭøκәŗ] ♥•♠•♦•♣ ║

    Woah :O…! it really surprises me the difference from american fans to japanese fans…
    When an american Idol (that I like) starts going out with a certain someone I just go like -ohh.. she is pretty and seems nice… kampai 4 them!!- or -ewwk… he could do better… but every head is sure to be a world…- or …I don-t know!! But I would never NEVER go like on a Carry mode… -KILL THEM ALL MUAHAHAHAH…- >> never… and if I was famous or something (hey! maybe in a parallel un-realistic world I DO am famous or am destined to be) I would totally don´t like (and maybe even hate) every fan that turn into the ring girl and go like -ring-ring-ring… -hello??- -oh hi I am a huge fan of the girl you are going out with… and by the way… if u don’t brake up I will send you hateful letters in seven days!!!- (that’s Samara fot you!)

  28. 30 ║ ♣•♦•♠•♥ [ℓα∂μ ჭøκәŗ] ♥•♠•♦•♣ ║

    ohh and I am really sorry if my grammar is poor (hope it isn´t) But my natal language is not English but Spanish… have a nice day or night ;D

  29. J.E. talents can have their girlfriends when they turn 18 y/o
    maybe kitagawa keiko is akanishi jin-san’s past girlfriend.

  30. I totally agree with you, lady joker!! I think japanese girls some times act so childish when they deal with their idols’ image. I just HATE when any normal (and some times, adorable) girl can suddenly became a nasty, slut and shameless person in all websites, just because she’s dating with a celebrity that has millions of fan girls. It’s kinda desgusting >.< The fan girls quickly find a way to create a "famous" position to the girl the celebrity guy is dating. It's always the same: she's famous for going out with cabebrity guys, she's famous for dating various well-known guys, etc etc etc. It's really annoying. it's seems like they (fans) are trying to say to the world that the only girl that diserves that ""extra marvellous awesome guy" is she herself (and don't even know how "marvellous" their idol really is). It's just female jealousy !! I feel SO MUCH for it !! =/ They're being sexist with herselves and aren't respecting the female image (they forget to think they're a girl too, and could do just the same^^). As you said before, we don't have nothing to do who is dating who in the world celebrities. "Every head is sure to be a world" xD

  31. 33 TensaZangetsu

    yeah i hope yuu and keiko just like brother and sister..
    just can’t image if keiko dating with someone.. it can broken my mind and soul.. なんちゃって。。

  32. 34 miyuki23

    Well according to other websites, Yamapi-kun just broke with the Kitagawa Keiko-girl and is now dating Osamu Mukai.

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