Akanishi Jin and Shirota Yuu meet up with Hot Babes late at night at some High-class restaurant?


blah.jpg(Look at the top right hand corner: 赤西仁 and 城田優 – Akanishi Jin’s and Shirota Yuu’s names are there! Well apparently this is not the MAIN story of the latest Josei7 hahaha relegated to a small corner)     








Spanish-Japanese Shirota Yuu, whom I only ever saw in Hana Kimi!


Jin on the streets – apparently Yuu + him were friends before they were famous. Not sure if it’s true though. ^_^

(Japanese source: here) Akanishi Jin (23) and Shirota Yuu (22) were reportedly spotted meeting up with hot babes at some high-class restaurant in Tokyo’s Nishi-Azabu area around 2 am, early morning.  

Jin first met up with Yuu, dropping by a combini (like 7-11-type convenient store) and looked at some magazines, read some article that concerned themselves and were observed to be laughing and commenting over it. O_O  “What a perfect photo!” They reportedly exclaimed (I presume the reporter overheard this??)

As though to kill time, Yuu began talking on his phone and walking around, to some cross-junction at Nishi-Azabu. The article describes them as though being lost, and just wandering wandering…. then they came to a side road where they stopped and seemed puzzled, when suddenly a pretty girl rushed over to them! (Sorry for my awkward construction, must remind everybody of my not-very-good japanese again! O_O)

Anyway, they then went into this building, to the VIP section which is at the 4th floor. The article describes the girl as being of a Leah Dizon-type beauty (does anybody know what  スザンヌ似 mean by the way my dictionary doesn’t show anything.. i THINK it means like Eurasian-mixed or something haha)

*update 290308: スザンヌ is this girl here, (thanks to Mich!) some 100% jap girl who looks mixed and is thus uber wanted + popular in japan. ^_^ 


Hope we get some real pics of them in action soon! (bTW the comments left by the jap fans at the bottom of the jap source where  i got this from were quite funny, HAHA. from the looks of it it seemed like Jin isn’t all that LOVED… and one person commented that it seems like no matter what Jin does he’s still very popular, and wondered if he could try dating Koizumi Kyoko and see what the public reaction would be like. HAHA)

Update 290308:


Okay here we have a picture of them as they wander about nishiazabu..O_O and according to the Chinese newspapers (source: here ) the boys weren’t gentlemanly enough to send the girls home. Other than this extra bit the reports were about the same, oh well. stupid flirty boys who can get any girl they want *hmff*


30 Responses to “Akanishi Jin and Shirota Yuu meet up with Hot Babes late at night at some High-class restaurant?”

  1. 1 Mich

    I think スザンヌ似 means Suzanne-like or similar to Suzanne. スザンヌ is a Japanese tarento who’s been getting popular recently. She’s part of Pabo, a Hello! Project group and people always mistake her for being a halfie even though she’s 100% Japanese.

  2. 2 wawa

    It’s written there that apparently the girls were contacted by Shirota when he was wandering talking to his phone, and they were the one who showed them the place.

    Shirota Yuu went to the same school as Yamapi. Yuu-Jin-Yamapi are good friends. Yuu would refer Jin as 親友ちゃん when he mentioned about Jin in his blog. Yamapi also had mentioned about Yuu quite a few times in his Jweb before, if I’m not mistaken. Yuu will be in the drama Rookies.

    … And I wonder why did I bother to explain about him.. hahaha.. I just enjoy reading his blog, among the other celebs..

    but that VIP section is far tooooo expensive!!!

    • 3 Mrs. Gackt

      can you give me the website of the blogs and their website?

  3. Haha thanks soo much!!! I must revise jap more so I’ll stop giving lousy translations !!! 😛 :p hAHAHA i knew that Jin-Yamapi were good friends, Yamapi-Ryo also ..better friends that MOst i’d suppose. but ive only recently even heard of shirota yuu’s name — only know him by face– i suppose it’s prob recent fame from Hana Kimi or smth. haha dunno! ^_^

  4. to Mich: OMG she DOOES look like a halfie, and thanks so much for the info! I hadn’t known about her yet, should prob do an entry on alll the halfiess i know in the jap entame industry. just watched crows zero yday and was SO shOcked (i didn’t google about it beforehand cos jus wanted to watch without knowing what it was about) to see Kuroki Meisa in it!!! LUCKY GIRL! *faints* hahahaah cheersss ^_^

  5. 6 fatfish

    shirota is the stuff you get in yakult! haha

  6. 7 kookyprincess29

    he’s making chinami-chan feel envious of leah dizon and is asking herself what does she have that i don’t?

  7. 8 lisa

    omgggg i only saw the edit and shirota yuu and jin look damn fine :> why is that girl like nekkid or smthng!?!?!

  8. that girl is Suzanne! IT was for a photoshoot LAH! HAhahaha she looks mixed right? but she’s pure jap apparently

  9. 10 ephi

    >Jin first met up with Yuu, dropping by a combini (like 7-11-type convenient store) and looked at some magazines, read some article that concerned themselves and were observed to be laughing and commenting over it. O_O “What a perfect photo!” They reportedly exclaimed (I presume the reporter overheard this??)

    Probably related to this?

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA true true true omg I actually *saw* this entry on his blog but somehow I didn’t connect the two incidents! NOR did I realise how narcissistic that must be! hahaha … but actually I ‘m nottoo sure about the dates the entry was dated 2 days before the gossip article.. plus the rack was in his (agent’s?) office or smth it seems. but hahaha im still highly amused

  11. 12 jackjackattack

    yeah they’re friends through Yamapi. Yamapi & Yuu went to the same school and Yamapi and Jin were friends since they joined Johnny’s

    but yeah. glad they’re having fun. she’s gorgeous. I’d hit it lol

  12. 13 ephi

    yeah, probably in the agency 😛
    Because there’s too many Shirota in the cover.

  13. 14 Hanna

    If Akanishi start dating Koizumi Kyoko I think no one would be surprised because he is known as a “Player”. Since, she is a “Cougar” he’ll have all he wants. I think it may help his image of being a BAKA. Maybe she can teach him to behave since she is older then his Mom lol.

  14. 15 Mysaki-san

    okay this news is very upsetting, lol but the people’s comments are making me laugh
    anyway jin, i’m mixed, i just don’t look like it =p 😀 XD

  15. 16 Lina

    Hi Wawa,
    Do you know Jin’s blog?
    Do you mind telling me the URL?
    Thank you…

  16. how dare you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheating on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spotting other girls aside from us………

  17. that’ my jin….a gentle (nanpa?) ee also supah kakoi….i think they have some purpose there…and though they were with that hot babe i think it’s alright as long as those girls won’t bite my akanishi…wehehehee

  18. 19 mac

    Jin, you hurt me very badly. How dare you Jinjin ^__^.
    I still love you though …and Shirota just said in an interview
    that he doest have a girlfriend (hehe). Oh, of course,
    what are celebrities for. ^__^

  19. 20 pringles

    what did yuu said about Jin on his blog?
    If only i could read Kanji.

  20. 21 Oricon

    Does anyone know Jin’s blog?
    I’ve read blogspots about him but
    i wonder what’s his real official
    blog. Does anyone know? Thanks

  21. 22 eh?

    it just natural..they’re just hanging out once in a while to relieve stress…

  22. it just natural they are boys…..still i love jin akanishi forever

  23. 24 chi

    jin is tamed by malaysian cosplayer now. she’s mix japanese-malay and very damn hot and cute. kinda love the email that jin sent to this girl saying, ‘i couldn’t forgive myself if u’r angry’. and jin is not player. most of the gossip is set up by the agency.

  24. its just normal for a handsome boy like my jin akanishi to meet up with some hot babes…

  25. 26 shirhyzuka

    Hmmmm no matter what Shirota does he will still lovable 🙂

  26. 27 Joker

    @Chi…good one LMAO!!! There is no proof but its does make a great rumor!!
    Guess the roleplayer need more attention ROFL!!
    We all know gossip is set up by the agency but there are 100s of girls saying they got emails from Jin.
    She got to be hot to be able to handle all the hot sexy foreign girls in LA getting with Jin right now.

  27. 28 andrea>

    how are you? jin?? i miss you!!, i love you so much>> but why do you not love why?? because you are the artist?? please love me…….> im here in phillipine….>>davao city tragum(please com in jin) :i’ll be waiting for you every month every year every day
    because “i love you”…”anata ga aishiteru anata wo aishi tsuzukeru tte yakusoku suru”


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