Akanishi back with Uehara Takako?


(Japanese online blog source: Gazoudaisuki and Agazou)

A very suspicious and seemingly baseless photo has been circulating round the Japanese blogosphere, with netizens and fans alike claiming that the rings on Uehara Takako and Akanishi Jin’s fingers are the same and deducing from it that the two have gotten back together.

Okay I’m slow but I didn’t know those two had even dated. According to some random online forums however it appears that the two had dated for fivE years?! Wadda?! Lastly, why does Uehara have no head?

Anyway comments left by fans on Agazou pointed out that the photo of Jin was taken from the debut of Real Face (im in awe of the Fan’s perceptive skills) which was like two years back, and supposedly when he was dating Rina? Apparently the ring that Jin is wearing now is a fatter one, so the photo + allegations are completely unreliable. Therefore, the news this entry is based on is just another sensationalist contrivance. :p. and i have contributed to that. Haha.

6 Responses to “Akanishi back with Uehara Takako?”

  1. jin ne ~ is it a ring from janji ? cause we all know that jinjin is a walking CM for janji… almost all of his acessories comes from janji…

  2. 2 sunny

    please please tell miyavi i like him

  3. 3 mimi

    oh hell naww.
    its not even right

  4. 4 Lily

    I agreeeee
    I hope they can date for real ^_^

  5. 5 eh?

    blehh~ i don’t want jin dating wif anyone…haha^^ fangirl’s opinion i know^^ hehe

  6. 6 jaguar

    Dont want Jin seriously dating anyone..!!!!
    especially not Takako coz i know that he had loved her once…!!!

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