Satoshi Ono and Ikuta Toma to star in Japanese version of Korean Drama, Maou.


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) What’s up with all the remakes? I finished my exams today (yoohoo!) and the first piece of interesting news…. another remake. We know Hollywood’s running out of steam, remaking everything from Sympathy for Lady Vengeance , My Sassy Girl (saw it somewhere on Popseoul!) , The Eye, The Ring, uhhh… anymore? (I’m sure there are, just not really working it.)

And Japan has already done the Sassy Girl, and now KBS’ Ma Wang (above, right picture). WHICH btw stars TOP’s Noona girlfriend (Noona = elder sister), Shin Min Ah. -_-. The spectre of my love rival’s haunting me. Anyway I shall not digress.

The combination of Satoshi Ono and Ikuta Toma is very sexy + attractive though. Satoshi Ono will play Jun Ji Hoon’s character, a lawyer whose blood relative gets killed which causes him to want to seek revenge. Unlike Jun Ji Hoon, lovely Ono does NOT look like a goose with too long a neck and an irritating gait ( I did NOT like Goong, and likewise have quite antagonistic feelings towards Jun Ji Hoon.) Ono had to cut his hair and dye it black for the movie, and said that he was looking forward to the role.

Toma will play Uhm Tae-woong’s character, the guy at the police office who was always frowning and violently angry in the Korean version. I have to confess though I only watched ONE episode but was a bit turned off. haha. Now, WHO is going to play Shin Min Ah’s character? Lucky girl who gets two cute guys you say. Well, Entame did NOT report on thAT.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this Ono’s first dorama? I haven’t been following them long enough to be sure…… but all I’ve ever heard of him are his Butais. In any case Entame also commented that Ono’s sudden move to the small screen, in a lead role some more, is quite ‘worrying’, but given his experience with Butais he should be okay. Entame also pondered on the possibility of the main theme song for the dorama to be sung by Toma + Ono, à la Seishun Amigo with Shunji to Akira. hMMM. In any case, the Japanese version already wins the Korean version hands down in terms of cast. Haha. Maybe remakes ain’t such a bad idea anymore. ^_^


12 Responses to “Satoshi Ono and Ikuta Toma to star in Japanese version of Korean Drama, Maou.”

  1. 1 Rachel P

    Woo,thanks for this!! At long last I get to see the picture of Toma in this(ok,so I heard the news today only)

    Is it just me or does Toma look like Tamaki Hiroshi in the picture?

  2. 2 MagiNcia

    Yeah he does XDDDD

    Thank god Toma has been getting a lot of work in the acting industry. Since singing has been a big no-no for Johnny, at least he has been busy with dramas. YAY! XDDD

    About the remakes: yeah, it seems to be the hot thing. Another korean-remake american movie, Juno (korean one: Jenny, Juno). Even though people say it isn’t, a movie about a teenage pregnant girl with the name Juno (in the korean version, the boy is named Juno, not the girl) is too much of a coincidence. Since when Juno is a vulgar american name?

    Oh well *sigh*

  3. 3 bunnicouture

    The name ‘Juno’ is a coincidence. What made the American movie so successful was the dialogue (not the plot), and that strain of wit is all but nonexistent in the Korean movie. Besides, Korea’s not the first country to make a movie about a pregnant teenage girl. The same plotline was recycled several times over in Hollywood before Korea ever produced its first movie about pregnant teenagers. (Would you say that Korea is the copycat, then?) And what is this about Juno being a vulgar name?

  4. 4 upper east sider

    i have to agree that some jdrama remakes can be better than kdrama but i don’t think that goes for this season’s my sassy girl. jeon ji hyun can never be replaced, and that old smap member just doesn’t have the natural dimwitted-yet-adorable character that cha tae hyun was able to pull off. as for hana kimi, a lot of fans tend to prefer the jap version but that’s precisely because they’re fans. the drama gets its appeal from its appealing characters. i mean toma+shun+shirota+maki? that’s the perfect formula all fanfic addicts have all but dreamed of, lol! imho the taiwanese version developed their characters better (though sometimes dragging) and has dabbled in issues (like homosexuality) with subtle humor. and it also helped that ella DID look like a boy, which kept you guessing if he/she was gay, lol. but hana kimi japan was able to do well in showing a really fun, colorful side of hana kimi (which can sometimes be too much). hands down to hana yori dango over the f4 hype (but that one was good too), so shall we look forward to this year’s korean remake of this hugely popular manga?

    i guess jdramas get their success from a powerful/famous cast, which can also be the same in kdramas but the former tends to use the same actor most of the time. like eita, hiraoka yuuta, toda erika, maki, masami nagasawa (this girl has starred in everything, geez!) and our JE boys (toma went from being gay, to a college artist now to this, all in one year!). they certainly don’t have the notion of overexposure! whereas for kdramas, the thing that is overused are their rehashed overdramatic, hysterical, cheesy stories! twdramas are kind of improving from their usual overly pop/mtv-like dramas.

    but then again… that’s what makes us addicted to these dramas anyway!

  5. 5 lisa


    lol half the reason why i watch j dramas is for the actors actually, i wouldnt watch a show where i dont know/like the actors acting in it. then again, the only reason why the actors are reused and used and used, is because they are good, ne? ^_^

  6. 6 lazyprince

    hey what are you gonna do for your 100,000th hit??
    you must return something to your fans!!!

  7. 7 lisa

    omg hahaha yeah!!!! DO SOMETHING !!! 😀 😀 😀 YOU HAVE FANS!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO

  8. haha choon u hv fans! ha ha
    no I wanted to ask u, u said u liked the guys in one pound gospel… which ones? and whhich dramas that they acted in would u recommend? I’m moving on now n having fun learning Jap thru tv ha ha and I dunno what to watch next. something light-hearted like one pound gospel would be good.. pls recommend!! 🙂 I thought of watching hana yori dango cuz my classmates were discussing it last yr. hmm!
    anyway I’m coming back in slightly over a month’s time! muz meet up!:)

  9. no i don’t!!! the only “fanS” i have are my FRIENDS… who are masquerading under various nicknames here. HAHA.

    apricotpeachy: WATch Stand Up! (MUst watch.. i have the vcds we can make the rest of them watch too), hana kimi (it’s a laugh-out-loud type), Haikei ChiChi ue Sama (it’s just a nice dorama), uhh you may wanna try Gokusen. all the kimuTakus.. HERO, Love Generation, Long Vacation, Pride, Beautiful Life……… i didn’t like hana yori dango… you may want to try Last Friends (showing now)… Bara no Nai Hana Ya… Honey and Clover…

    the guy i liked in one pound gospel is kamenashi la… i thought i mentioned? he’s the main character

    to lazy prince: what do YOU think i should do? haha post more of your secretly taken photos???

    to lisa: i repeat… NO FANS!

  10. 10 fatfish

    well i only know artists would draw a pic of their fave char thanking visitors for their hits. so maybe u could insert dialogue into some funny celebrity photo/photos. i mean i 周刊 does it every week (but they have to put 设计对白 inside every speech bubble after the text.) OR you could post a photo of yourself ahahahahahahahhaa rofl

  11. 11 sakura

    wow lovely match toma and ono!! hope ono will do a great job in his first dorama.Gambatte!

  12. 12 shayne

    wait…is ikuta toma really gay???any proof of it?i just really wanna make sure coz i’ve heard that rumor before!

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