Sakurai Sho and MatsuJun’s photos from pre-Arashi days leaked



(you can hardly see the faces but I think it’s matsujun below and Sho at the top – no girls though! Or are they at the blurred out parts?)

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Another Arashi scandal? It’s almost one per week man (read the previous one here) Okay or maybe this is not so much a scandal but just Flash magazine trying to get some sales figures up. Anyway:

This Flash magazine issue went on sale yesterday and (if you look at the bottom right hand corner in the orange box it says Sakurai Sho + MatsuJun’s idol 4P photos — does anybody know what 4P means? Haha sorry I am quite ignorant) contains in it photos of Sho and MatsuJun with 2 other girls roughly 10 years ago, before Arashi was even formed.

Apparently there were two other females in the photos who were also idols from a group called “L” , which was a female idol group with 15 members which debut-ed in 1996 but broke up only two months later. The photos were taken in one of the girl’s houses – the gossip source called them girls A and B. MatsuJun’s face is described as being very close to girl A (whose house they were all in) and Sho was allegedly dating girl B at the time. In addition, the girls were 18 years old, about 2 or 3 years older than both boys.  

Well well well, I’ll just hang around and wait for somebody to BUY that magazine and hopefully upload the rest of the photos. Off to lunch and more school work *sian*

22 Responses to “Sakurai Sho and MatsuJun’s photos from pre-Arashi days leaked”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    It’s starting to look like a publicity gimmick to me. You could be more subtle Johnny Kitagawa…

  2. Haha but how do you know it was Johnny Kitagawa who’s behind this gimmick? But yea this feels like fabricated news sOmehow..

  3. 3 sakura

    4P means 4 pages.

  4. arigatogozaimasu!!!! ^_^

  5. 5 H no Granny

    Like with Sho’s recent “scandal”, they go on bashing him then at the end say that he’s changed his ways… If it was a real smear campaign, why bother saying the subject’s changing for the better? And with this article? Decade-old party pictures taken at Girl A’s house is NOT SCANDALOUS. For all we know, her parents might be there… Does it do anything to bring them down? Not really. It’s bringing more attention to them apparently.

  6. 6 H no Granny

    And it’s annoying because we all know that Arashi does not need controversies to be famous. They are brimming with talent. And just when Japan’s starting to realize this, “someone” decides to boost Arashi’s career by patterning them after a particular scandal-driven JE group…

  7. haha yah but as in, couldn’t it just be magazines trying to up sales by cooking up Arashi controversies instead of being a Johnny Kitagawa’s masterminded-controversy? and HAHAHAHA i assume you’re talking about Kat-tun but actually i think even without their scandals they could still have been famous this is damn tricky can’t tell which scandals are deliberate and which aren’t

  8. 8 Melanie

    I dont think its Johnny. He’s too old for this.. Lols!
    I dont think its the Jimusho either because they usually try to avoid scandals at all costs. I think its just the magazine’s way of earning a few measley bucks…

    P.S. Do people really believe that they have not ‘done it’ with girls before? My gosh… I believe that they would have to be a saint in order to resist that especially when they are young, hot, and famous.

  9. 9 H no Granny

    “Do people really believe that they have not ‘done it’ with girls before?”
    It’s weird, right? It’s not news anymore, imo…
    Just maddening that there are “personal” parties involved who would sell these private pictures. Can you blame artists if they’re mistrustful towards people?

  10. 10 Lisa

    well now…. who really knows what goes on behind the scenes in the agency….. i think its so sad :<

    lol and if you ask me, i find the “i am bad ass” image much much more attractive then the “i am poppy johnnys boy” thing.

    • 11 natalie

      i really try to say this @ the other blog post that have aiba’s scandal ^^
      seriously… he’s such a poppy johnnys boy……..
      ah….be yourself, or if you’re idol, behave.

      or if not, then be a real artist who’s really got raw talent.

  11. 12 Sabrina

    ahaha. i mean if 3p means a threesome, 4p means foursome. hahaha. that’s…well a lot of things to do at one time. not very awesome isn’t it? hahaha. wells, according to a local magazine, they claim that this report has been detrimental to the boys’ reputation. supposedly the photos showed the boys and the girls being rather intimate but i havent seen the photos so i dunno. besides, it’s decade old- who cares about what happens ten years ago? lol.

  12. 13 carla

    just one word……..pfffttt!!!

  13. 14 arashi fan

    hope u will post the othe rpics ! thanks

  14. I think that is a lie -.- cuz if they do something bad why isnt more pics like sho ones or like aiba ones 😛

  15. 16 bloo

    If that is Matsujun, that photo couldn’t have been taken before Arashi was formed because his teeth are straight.

  16. 17 Keio-girl

    ITS A FAKE!!!

  17. 18 wtf....

    man ppl really have wide ranges of imaginations….
    theyre human!!! it doesnt matter if its true are not….
    i dont get y its sucha big deal that celebs are in a relationship :/
    makes me gag…
    but arashi is strong so there is no need for me to worry
    *btw 4p means four penetration*

  18. 19 Lisa Marie

    I think it simply comes down to this. Unless they can produce a clear picture showing Jun and Sho with other girls, there’s nothing to see. That picture you posted only shows Jun and Sho. That’s it. 🙂

  19. 20 k-k-k

    I think its aiba-chan and matsujun in the picture, not matsujun and sho-kun.

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