Kyoko Fukada looks weird (through no fault of hers)



(Japanese source: here) This is Kyoko Fukada’s new look for her new movie, Yatta Man, whose main star is Arashi’s Sakurai Sho! The press conference for the movie was held yesterday, and the movie, which will be released in Spring 2009, is based on an anime. When asked about her extreme-cos-play-esque outfit/image, Fukada replied that even though she was very embarrassed at first, she is slowly getting used to her outfit and slowly feeling better about what she has to wear.











This is how she used to look like! (But actually I think I idealised her too much in sec school days, I thought she was THE prettiest jap girl EVER! Now though I can’t seem to find the photos which I used to gape over haha)

6 Responses to “Kyoko Fukada looks weird (through no fault of hers)”

  1. 1 zinaa

    oohh i want to see this movie….


    She’s such a nice person. I love her. She changes her hairstyle alot just like Domoto Tsuyoshi. I love her reactions and replies in Shin Domoto Kyoudai.

  3. 3 william

    I love your design kyoko

  4. 4 oil

    I love kyoko so much
    she change character from sweet kind to sexy that challange her so much
    and love kyoko in shin domoto kyoudai

  5. 5 Kipi Otaku

    Hi!!.. Que Linda esta Kyoko Mi amiga Sayyo

  6. 6 Nellyamada

    I really like Fukakyon. She’s really cute and innocent-looking! After watching REMOTE, is it only me who thinks she looks cute paired with Koichi Domoto-san? (^o^)v

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