The WRONGLY ACCUSED Sho (and the stupid magazine called Bubka)



(English source: here – thanks to buttrflikisser@LJ! and here – thanks Ichigo Ichie! ^_^) OMG the photo on the left  page is probably as scandalous as it gets -_-.  Okay I’m very sorry but I’m just going to copy and paste from their blogs, since I can’t really make out the jap words. HAHA! but Bubka magazine is really stupid, preying on the worried-fan’s-psychology. BAH! Read it and FUME!

It starts out with how the magazine found out the Sho booked a popular club (on Feb 17th 2008) for a wedding reception. Bubka thought perhaps Sho was secretly getting married (following the trend of his senpais) but when they were there, they found out that it was actually for Sho’s best friend (that he’s been close since kindergarten… The one of many guy friends that Sho goes on trips and stuff with).
Sadly, Sho couldn’t attend because he booked a job last minute. He congratulated the couple through a VTR. If you remember, Sho mentioned recently that he was planning a reception for his friend’s wedding and he likes doing these and cant say no when asked. How awesome.
Then the article goes into explaning how he’s unlike other Johnny’s because of his education and personality. He doesn’t get into horrible scandals and keeps his fans happy, except when he was a Johnny’s Jr., he did sleep around…
Then the article goes into his past when he was at the top of Johnny’s Jr. At first, he wasn’t unlike many other Johnny’s Jr., who dressed up in expensive brand names. Sho dressed like a smart boy (aka cute dork XD) and was too shy to get intimate with girls. Many Johnny’s Jr. made fun of his virginity apparently. This all changed when he started dating one of Johnny’s Jr.’s older sister, who was infamous for sleeping with a lot of Juniors. Sho fell hard for her, but she was a player and dumped Sho. After this, Sho changed and became a pimp (lol). BUT, he was still different from all other juniors because he was smart. He was super careful with everything. He wouldn’t easily take pics with girls, go into restaurants and stuff at different times, won’t walk next to each other etc. The girl in the picture is apparently super pretty and was lucky that she was able to take a pic with Sho.
Apparently, he made a rule for himself that he’d never sleep with a fan since they have big mouths. The article says that Sho probably didn’t even think of his fans as HUMANS. (yeah… right) The article points out how he treated his fans… He often punched and kicked annoying yarakashi. (remember, when he knocked a girl’s camera down and broke it? At least, Sho changed and learned to control his anger! – sorry, I had to say that!) Sho got his 2channel name “kasa meaning umbrella” from an incident when he got mad and stabbed a fan with his umbrella.
The article ends with how Sho is currently rumored to be dating an older woman, and how much he changed and grew into a serious mature guy. It says that Sho became into a great person because of these experiences from his junior days…
 So, the photo in Bubka‘s cover has NOTHING with the article. You can breath, fans, our Sho is safe.”

Actually I’ve heard rumours (from you Lisa) that Nino isn’t very nice to his fans either! I don’t know if Sho is really the umbrella-stabbing type O_O but maybe they’re too popular and can’t deal with all this love. I’ll give them TOUGH LOVE. MWAHAHA. whatever that means. hard to give tough love tho when you’re just an unidentifiable one in a crowd of lovestruck fans. SIGH!

Conclusion: Bubka is a stupid magazine. Obviously banking on its past aiba-nino-scandal-exposure fame. -_-safesho.jpg 

15 Responses to “The WRONGLY ACCUSED Sho (and the stupid magazine called Bubka)”

  1. 1 arashi fan

    dont close ur blog. i love the news u provide…
    bcos even in arashi forums,
    we are not allowed to say anything about their scandal :/
    so im gald to find ur blog. and m shocked to see nino so many secret s

  2. 2 steph

    wow thank you for the information!!!!!!!! ur the best by now i only know about arashi’s music but never scandals !!! OMG if sakurai sho get married i’ll die he is my favorite! is the cutest and he looks more masculine but i love all arashi members they are so cutes but sakurai is hot!!!!!

  3. 3 bloo

    If I ever found out that anyone in Arashi was evil…I would be so hurt.
    Nino I could believe that he would be a little mean, but not Sho.
    Defiantly not Ohno, not Aiba, Jun maybe but I think you would have to really get in his personal space.

  4. Wow. I can actually see Sho doing that, he does seem a little pompous, but Nino? Say it isn’t true! I could probably see MatsuJun doing that, but only because he has acted violent in dramas, but I can’t really see anyone else doing that besides those two.

  5. 5 Sophie

    they probably put the scandal headline up to get readers 😦 loosers…..
    im really glad i found this, when i first heard i was really curious and stuff but i couldnt find it anywhere. I can believe that they are “mean” to fans, i mean were all sorta stalking them (while not getting tooo close) i mean looking at this counts… no wonder they dont like fans. and Matsujun i caant actually see him hurting anyone physically, but insulting them yes…..

  6. 6 mieko

    Wow! sho really stabbed his fan wif umbrella… wow! kowai yo! but it seems annoying if people kept on bugging u…i undersatnd that feeling…but relieve that sho didnt do any * weird* stuffs…a keio boy ne…^_^

  7. 7 example

    I hate scandals…they’re so annoying!!
    And Bubka, yeah they are the stupidest magazine!
    Why do they interfere with people’s life? They’re just f**king stupid!
    Who cares if someone from Arashi has a girlfriend or whether they get married? Because isn’t real fans supposed to love them even with them having a girlfriend (If they do, I guess)? It’s just nonsense.
    And also did you know that many scandals are made up, fake stories? The scandals just makes stories up so they can have money. F**KING STUPID!!

    I also hate stupid girls who dumps Johnny’s people.
    I mean, I know how it feels to dump a boyfriend in school (not that I have a boyfriend), but Johnny’s? They’re just stupid. F**KING Hobos
    They’re so stupid that they will regret it.

    I’m sorry if this bothers you, me cussing all this, but I am angry.
    If I can, I want to kill those loosers (not really kill, but beat them up)….if I can. (^_^)

  8. 8 rirai

    I’m glad that it is not true. I hate writers/sites/blogs that says the wrong information!. Btw, Thanks for your information!. you cleared the wrong accusation. Thanks. Well, I hate what is this? Bubka Magazine?, They just ruin other people’s lives. They do really s**k, stupid and everything!. duh,

  9. 9 Chris

    Sakuri is an asshole. He may be smart, but he’s really rude and arrogant.
    He’s the second worst Arashi member; the first would be Matsumoto. Although he is the cutest, he the most stuck up and rude.

    • 10 Simizu S.

      Chris? Are you okay? If you don’t like them, then leave the blog. Don’t comment. I’m not a fan of them either but at least, try to respect them..

  10. 11 Sakura hinata

    does he really dating with an older woman right now! i mean by SHO.

  11. 12 momo_trang

    Thanks for your information. So far, I haven’t known any scandal about Arashi. But I think that that is their private lives and Bubka is very stupid when trying to accuse Sho. Sho may be rude, violent or something like that but it is his real tempers.

  12. 13 annie

    Sounds like a fanfiction XDD

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