Oguri Shun rips pants while filming “walky walky” CM


What’s up with his hair?!?! I don’t like it!! But then he’s probably waiting for his hair to grow out of its Crows Zero mould HAHA. Anyway here goes a really quick translation of the video:

(the background: Oguri Shun is filming a CM for walky walky – some sweet – which uses a tune, Easy Walk, written by Homemade Kazoku [Homemade 家族] specially for the CM)

00:23 – Special guest, Oguri Shun-kun!

00:41 – (as Oguri Shun sways about on stage) Reporter: Will Oguri Shun reveal his singing powers this time?!

00:45 – Reporter (and words on screen) : The performance ends without Oguri Shun singing!

00:48 onwards – Oguri Shun : I’m really bad at singing so I get very embarrassed when I sing. I was holding the mike, and starting from about the intro, I couldn’t really get into the key  (laughter)

Reporter: We’d really like to hear it though…

Oguri Shun: Yabai (dangerous/risky) desuyo…

Male Reporter: When’s your CD scheduled to come out?

Oguri Shun: I have totally no plans for that!!

If you’re too impatient, fast forward to 1:36 -1:44, where he rips his pants! HAHA!

1:45 – Oguri Shun: Ah! There was some sound! I tore my pants!

1:59 – Reporter: Did you rip your pants by moving too much?

Oguri Shun: Yes. I tore it here *looks down to point, but we can’t see anything cos the camera ain’t big enough! AWWWWWW*

Actually it was below that.. *camera moves down to show his pink pants*

Oguri: Is it okay if you don’t touch it?? (WOULD THEY DARE?!??!) It was like a hole at my buttcrack.

And after that they go ga-ga over his juggling skills. Ok I gotta get my ass out of my house now. ROGER OVER AND OUT!

Last point: Apparently Oguri Shun likes Strawberry Pocky! (According to jap source: here ) oooooo ^_^


2 Responses to “Oguri Shun rips pants while filming “walky walky” CM”

  1. 1 storkytruck

    OMG SO CUTE OK hahahhahaha i like his hair actually i think only people like him can pull it off. anyone else looks like a dork. he looks pretty preppy ^^ hehehhehe HE CAN JUGGLE SO CAN I FOR LIKE ONE SECOND WITH TENNIS BALLS sugoiiiiiiii <33333333 hahahahahahah

    oh you know sawajiri erika did this commercial for fran a meiji pocky thing. one day i bought it without knowing what it was it was pretty good


  2. Apparently Pocky is much nicer in Japan…they only sell the made in Thailand ones here, and at 79p a packet it’s not very worth it.

    Anyway this is random but it’s Leslie Cheung’s 5th death anniversary…my favourite song of his…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJXQCsLpGNA

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