Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 15th April 2008


1. Suzanne, mom and sis star in Zenrin-Datacom CM


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Suzanne and her mom + sis were at Sony Building yesterday (14th April 2008) for the official press reception of their upcoming CM for Zenrin-Datacom. When they came out the MC hosting the event reportedly exclaimed, “You all resemble each other!”

Well actually the mother looks kinda weird, and i think he got dazzled by the pinkness for awhile. Haha oh yes, Suzanne (21 years old) her mother, called Caserin (キャサリン) is 46 years old, and her sister, Magarin (マーガリン) is 19. Left the katakana there in case you’re better at interpreting them than I am! ^_^

2. Koda Kumi returns after a 72-day hiatus

(Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) Well actually though I’m quoting this source I’m just dishing out what I read in today’s chinese papers (those sitting on my table now). She held a concert last saturday and bowed her head, apologising to some 6500 fans who responded with warm applause. She said, “there are highs and lows in a person’s life. After that incident I had considered retiring from show business, but the support of my fans warmed my heart.”

She also revealed that she had not been out of her house for exactly two months, reflecting on her mistake and each day passed by real slowly. On the day of her performance, her mother was present to show her support, and Wada Akiko also sent flowers to her.

After the apology, Koda Kumi resumed her crazy/wild/professional persona and performed 22 songs in 2 hours . Before the concert ended, she cried as she sang “Walk” and apologised to fans once again. Once backstage, she was also crying alongside backstage crew.

Her tour will take her to 8 places and to 18 shows, with a total estimated audience of 145,000.

3. Tsumabuki Satoshi’s new movie, Kanso Retto, to open in January 2009. 

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Well, we’ve got 2 of his other movies to look forward to this year, Paco and the Magic Book and Koki Mitani’s The Magic Hour! (which I’m really looking forward to.) 

Kanso Retto (感染列島) is about doctors and nurses fighting a new type of virus that has attacked Japan (as we can see from the photo here). Filming is scheduled to start in the first half of June. 

Kanso Retto is directed by Zeze Takahisa (瀬々敬久, cool name eh?) . According to wikipedia, he is known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of pink film”, which is a softcore pornographic film-movement from the 1990s. The emergence of AV did somewhat to diminish the pink film movement however. In any case, the only other film of his that caught my eye is Moon Child, staring Gackt and Hyde (and of course, Wang Lee Hom. )  


2 Responses to “Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 15th April 2008”

  1. 1 lisa

    awwww i love kuu san so much!!! but i really think the jap press made a huge ado about nothing…much. it just a passing remark :/
    i look forward to the day when we have gackt dog emoticons.

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