Cecilia Cheung after 45 days of isolation



Hong Kong paparazzi are so…… okay I shan’t try to moralize a situation in which I myself am complicit. (oops) But anyway, this photo is from Apple Daily (go here), apparently stalking outside her house, and they describe Cecilia Cheung as being in a foul mood, scolding her maids, and looking tired and her face looking bumpy (I presume just ‘bad complexion’) I’m quite surprised they could make out so much from this! 

Also, they claimed that her belly was “swelling up”, fuelling rumours that she’s pregnant again! However I think that they probably took more photos than this one here, but only for the print version of their tabloid. I *think*.


3 Responses to “Cecilia Cheung after 45 days of isolation”

  1. did you hear that nic tse sent his son for dna testing and there was 0.03% chance the son was his?


  2. no i did NOT hear about that! hahaha! omg acutally i think i did but i thought it was just rumours so i din’t pay much attentino….. well let’s see how the boy looks like next time. maybe that’s why she’s pregnant against now nic tse just wants a kid!

  3. 3 ghost

    wanna f**k Ceci too..

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