Maggie Q arrives in Seoul, denies any connection with Edison Chen sex scandal



(Chinese source: here) Despite giving Hong Kong a miss, Maggie Q still had to face reporters in Seoul regarding the *ahem* Edison Chen sex scandal. She replied coolly that she had “nothing to do with it.”

She continued saying that, “I know about the ‘Edison Chen sex scandal’, but I don’t understand why I would be embroiled in it, does somebody wish I that I would? The photos that are circulating of me were taken during an advertisement shoot in Japan (I think she means this photo, from my entry here.) The people involved didn’t mean for the photos to be circulated, we should have empathy for them.”

Maggie Q also denied any special relations between her and Daniel Henney, saying they were only good friends and that there was no time to meet anyway.

There were earlier reports that she had cancelled her Hong Kong and Taiwan movie-promo trips because she was too demanding — first class seats for her and a select few from her entourage, blahblahbalh — and even in Seoul her entourage seemed to dwarf Andy Lau’s own one. (haha!) To this however, Andy Lau said that he had seen Tom Cruise’s entourage of 20++ people (compared to Maggie Q’s 7 ++ ) before and that hers was nothing in comparison. But when in Rome do as Romans do what Hollywoods Hollywood my dear stick out and the media will cut you down, but then again don’t stick out and fade off into the background. What a tough life for the stars!

In any case, despite all she says about NOT having any connection to do with Edison Chen, look what the Chinese paparazzi got for us- they noted that Maggie Q was still wearing the infamous CARTIER LOVE BANGLE (which was featured on some Taiwanese Variety Show I was watching also) that Edison Chen gives to his women, I guess it’s the same philosophy that animals have when they pee to mark territory eh? Okay I apologise for using such a crass analogy. Anyway –>


Even in Seoul, even now she wears it! But maybe it’s a different one it looks a bit more golden-y and it wouldn’t be below the chinese press to try to bamboozle us about things like these


Edison Chen with his bangle, looks golden-y silvery but can’t really tell lah. oh well.


Bobo Chan sporting it too


Cecilia Cheung sporting the bangle, pre-sex scandal days presumably

2 Responses to “Maggie Q arrives in Seoul, denies any connection with Edison Chen sex scandal”

  1. 1 Laurie

    I don’t think she was involved. You can be friends with a guy and not sleep with him. It’s annoying how the media is trying to tie her to the scandal.

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