Nakamaru Yuichi embarrasses Senpai Domoto Koichi


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) While attending a PR Event at Kagoshima Prefecture (Kyuushuu) for their movie, Sushi Ouiji!, Nakamaru Yuichi’s bad attitude reportedly pissed off reporters and sullied the honour and “face” of his senpai, Domoto Koichi.

The management had arranged for Nakamaru Yuichi to be interviewed by 7 or 8 local TV and radio stations. When answering questions, he would seem very bored, starting with answers with, “Soussu–ne…” or “aa…Hai” (ah… Yes.)

However the thing that really pissed reporters off was when asked the question, “Which is your favourite nigiri sushi topping?” Nakamaru told “Miru-Kai” to some reporters (Shellfish), while “Uni” (Sea Urchin) to others. The reporters found themselves in a fix not knowing which to report, when finally Nakamaru’s manager emerged and requested reporters to settle with “Uni”. Reporters were really ticked off at him having cooked up such a big fuss over such a trivial matter.

However, when it was time to meet the fans and for performance, Nakamaru’s attitude had a 360 degree volte-face and he gave his “salesman-smile”, rapping and whatnot on the stage. Backstage however, the mood was foul and reporters were miffed. A veritable taint/insult to Koichi’s standing? Hmm after posting this and thought about it, it seems more of bad PR for himself than for Koichi, but I guess it just shows he doesn’t give respect to his senpai. o_O

20 Responses to “Nakamaru Yuichi embarrasses Senpai Domoto Koichi”

  1. 1 blaire

    lol at nakamaru’s boredom – which he could’ve just kept to himself. besides, the guy himself is boring, he should be happy that out of all KAT-TUN he was even given work with koichi (did you guys see the preview of sushi ouji? talk about boring!). i mean, come on, maru is not known for his acting chops, singing, or his looks… and he often said he doesn’t want to be known as the beatbox guy. so i guess he wants to be known as the one reporters hated the most?? paps are vicious. celebs should have already known that by now, lol.

  2. 2 XOXO

    lol maybe he cant choose which sushi he really wants??

  3. 3 H no Granny

    All I can say is: He’s very lucky that he’s not working with the OTHER Domoto of KK…

  4. 4 XOXO

    omg yeah, i don’t even get why domoto tsuyoshi was recently voted the best dressed celeb in jpop. jeez. what does that say about their standards in fashion? lol. he’s funny, but he always seems like he smoked too much helium every time he’s on tv. to nakamaru, er… go beatbox. it’s what you do best. or the only thing you can do.

  5. i don’t get it either, maybe that survey was rigged. Tsuyoshi seems vv ahjooshi to me ^_^.

  6. 6 XOXO

    whoa quick reply! more like domoto’s a flashy ojisan who’s trying to keep up with his idol kouhais. er, somebody please remind him not to steal from elton john’s closet, and the hair, puhlease! even the 80’s wasn’t THAT bad. lol. omg he must be shopping together with kanjani8’s yasu. tackitty tack!!

  7. 7 lisa

    hmmm… i dont know anyone that you guys are talking about.

  8. 8 lina

    I don’t get it. Nakamaru insulted Koichi’s…standing? What does that mean? It didn’t say anything about Nakamaru insulted Koichi whatsever. What is it?

  9. 9 Keiya

    @ XOXO > In contrary, I think both Tsuyoshi and Yasu should be given credit for having their own style, and not following fashion like most other idols.

    @ lina > It means that he’s not worth even to be STANDING beside Koichi. Like, he brings the whole image down or something.

    Which I disapprove completely.

    Maru has… well, since I’ve know about JE… never been a ‘deep’ person in my eyes. He’s always so simple and underrated, and can DEFINITELY do a whole lot more than just beatbox. Besides beatboxing, he is a good MC (even though he apparently gets nervous easily and sweats a lot in the presence of popular/famous figures and stutters a lot, he CAN speak well. Hah! Try watching Shounen Club AND deny it afterwards.), his singing voice is pretty amazing (in my own humble opinion), he keeps the peace in KAT-TUN (the members think of him as the ‘peacemaker’ and feels comfortable talking to him) and despite KAT-TUN’s busy schedule, he had enough balls to enter university and claimed that he will graduate even if ‘it takes him eight years’.
    So, come on guys, stop bringing him down, he’s already underrated as things are. Hello, he’s in KAT-TUN! He’s supposed to be a popular idol! And what is he beside Kame and Jin?

    But I’m not saying his attitude was right ne. As a professional, the least he could do was hide his boredom. Err, putting that aside, I think 8/10 times he answers with ‘Sou ‘su ne’ or ‘Hai’, I think the report is overrating that.
    KAT-TUN is KNOWN to be a ‘rebel’ group in JE. Like, even though Koichi is somewhat like the father who gave birth to the group, they have never been on Domoto Kyoudai whereas Kanjani8 (<3) and NEWS (<3) have been on it more than once. Maru’s just showing that characteristic (even though he sooo does not look rebellious to me).

    Maru’s still new in the BIG scene without KAT-TUN so please show him some support ne! He’s still learning. I’m sure with experience his so called bad attitude will improve. Give the guy a chance!

  10. 10 khim

    @ Keiya > You r absolutely right 🙂
    xD nakamaru’s fan 4ever xD im glad someone stood up 4 him ❤

  11. 11 kandangnyafloo

    can i reposted it please?
    will credit to you XD

  12. 12 mi

    hahah I really have to disagree with all the nakamaru-is-boring-comments..

    I think he has (almost) the best voice in KAT-TUN,
    and he’s really funny..<3

    and…nakamaru is more popular in KAT-TUN in Japan than in other countries!

    well..I love yucchi xD

  13. 13 polls

    Maru speaks well and is a good conversationalist,

    However, he does not have the superstar aura that
    Jin has. Akanishi seems to be very popular no matter what he does.
    Maru is underrated. Without Kattun, i dont know if i would even
    know him.

  14. 14 KZA


  15. I don’t get why everybody is putting down Nakamaru.
    I think he is the most mature and has the best personality in KAT-TUN.
    And I hate to tell you, but it’s the inside that counts. Nakamaru is a really great guy and I have a feeling he’s going to go far in life.
    Let’s compare him to the other KAT-TUN members in say, 10 years shall we?

  16. 16 Hikari光

    LOVE MARU NO MATTER WHAT<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAT-TUN AND JE FOREVER<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17 Karla

    Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con los comentarios malos que hacen de Nakamaru, creo que él es un chico super divertido y gracioso por naturaleza, no será el más guapo pero sí tiene talento, me gusta lo que hace, es una de las mejores voces en KAT-TUN y creo que tiene la mejor actitud de todos, además de ser el que mejor habla, por algo lo dejan conducir casi todo en Cartoon KAT-TUN, antes ni siquiera lo reconocía pero ví más cosas que él hace y ahora es mi favorito de la banda, lo admiro mucho como artista, creo que es muy completo, canta, baila y sí actúa, sino véanlo en el dorama Rescue.

    Respeto todos los comentarios pero definitivamente no los comparto, creo que deberían pensar mejor antes de escribir lo primero que se les ocurra, como fan de Nakamaru si me hacen sentir ofendida…

    Yu-chi ♥

  18. 18 Ellen Chen

    Wow hold it right there, I totally disagree with ppl who are saying nakamaru yuichi is boring and can’t do anything beside beat box. I’m surprised myself when
    I heard for the firstime but Nakamaru Yuichi has the best voice in Kat-tun
    (my husband agreed with me-and he’s totally not a kat-tun fan).
    And he’s very good as an mc, he speaks well and can follow the atmosphere
    of the conversation. I think he always bring his true self when he work which means he doesn’t take himself as a mega superstar in all his acting,singin,dancing
    and talk show, and that’s what made him so cool and attractive just being himself.
    He’s such a great guy with good personalities (from what I see in cartoon kattun show). And last but not least he’s very cool when he beatbox.

    He is also a good actor, I especially bought the Rescue DVD to see how
    he act and it was very good. Also in the cartoon kattun show when taguchi
    akanishi and nakamaru act as villains, I can see that nakamaru is the best.

    I did’n’t see the interview of him and Doumoto so I can’t comment about that,
    but once I saw he’s doing a show with SMAP and he doesn’t looked like
    someone who disrespect his senpai. Nakamaru is totally my second
    favorite in Kat-tun, I love Nakamaru Yuichi.

  19. 19 Kathy

    uhh? i don’t know why i’m replying now, since this happened a while ago, but…
    “When answering questions, he would seem very bored, starting with answers with, “Soussu–ne…” or “aa…Hai” (ah… Yes.)”
    if you have ever watched cartoon kat-tun then you would know that’s what he does when he’s nervous, and he’s super nervous around his sempais.
    plus, he’s said it before, he feels most comfortable while singing with kat-tun. hell, even then he’s super nervous!
    “it seems more of bad PR for himself than for Koichi, but I guess it just shows he doesn’t give respect to his senpai. o_O”
    isn’t that over-exaggerated? of course he feels respect towards him, Koichi was a big part of why KAT-TUN is KAT-TUN.

  20. 20 SoRa

    I really don’t think this is the situation…
    Well, Maru is a very very gentle guy… He certainly does not have this attitude to work. Akanishi already mentioned it in the making of real face, he says that nakamaru is a totally changed person once he get to work, he will be different from his usual slow pace…
    If you watched cartoon kat-tun you will know that he sometimes is a bit ‘lag’ then he will really just go ‘souda-ne’ and ‘hai’… He is just thinking and processing…
    He certainly treats his sempai with respect… He even respects his peers! (if i remember correctly) He used to ‘accidentally’ think a cartoon member is older than him (he’s the oldest in KT) and used the fomal lang with him for around like 1 mnth untill he found out the truth!
    Nakamaru not only can beatbox. Its just one of his talents. He is treated as a better singers by the members as in one of the magazine interviews. Koki said that maru has the best low note in KT, and he also said that nakamaru is the best at how he tones himself to suit the feeling of the song… He is also recognise as a good dancer… Taguchi mentioned in one of the magazine interviews that questioned about reflexes. He didnt answer nakamaru, he said it wan someone else for sports, but added ‘but when it comes to dancing i have to mention nakamaru’.
    If Nakamaru can only beatbox, why would NHK pick him out of all 6 members of kat-tun to be the host of shonen club? He got into Uni when he was 24… same year as the show? He chose to go uni when he could have concentrated on his career… And he certainly wasnt in some crap uni but he got into waseda! A person like this? Having that kind of attitude? BULLSHIT! I think telling me pigs CAN fly will be easier for me to belief…
    Plus, his father is a police and has been very strict to him since he was young, can see on hanamaru cafe. He is also a brother who dotes on his sisters. Therefore he is very gentle… He is someone who builds up the atmosphere,as stated by taguchi. And very socialisable see his friends in KT, koki and ueda. They would go to him if they have problems…
    He has a suuuuper good character… from CTKT you can see all other 5 always find chance to bully him but he never gets angry…
    Even if whatever in the report really happened,it wont be becuz of his character OR attitude problem but maybe because he was too tired? He needs to cope with CTKT, shonen club, R-one KAT-TUN, singles the promotion and his school, photoshoots all at the same time! He is not made of iron or steel… He is a human…

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