Zettai Kareshi’s second episode ratings went up!


(Japanese online gossip source: IdolGravure / Picture: FujiTV) Although second episodes for most Japanese Doramas normally see a dip in their ratings, Saki Aibu’s, Hayami Mokomichi’s and Mizushima Hiro’s (Nanba senpai from Hana Kimi) Zettai Kareshi’s ratings went from 13.1% in the first episode to 14.3%! Now, I only took note of this news cos of you, Lisa! Now I want to read the manga + watch the drama too!

IdolGravure posits some explanations for this phenomenon:

1. As opposed to the other doramas screening now, Zettai Kareshi has a “fresher” theme.

2. No irritating scenes – pace of drama is quick.

3. No overloading of dialogue – no awkward/staid moments either.

4. No “humidity”, but “moisture” in the show. (funny metaphors used)

5. Even though it is a light comedy, the theme of the drama still comes to the fore distinctly.

This rise makes the average rating for this dorama 13.7%! Though I guess we shouldn’t be overly obsessed with ratings… I always wonder how it works. I mean why would more people watch if the dorama is good? If they didn’t watch the first episode, how would they know it was good enough to switch on their TVs for the second episode? IS it REALLY word-of-mouth? Maybe the average Japanese viewer is closer to the traditional model of the rational consumer or something… o_O.


8 Responses to “Zettai Kareshi’s second episode ratings went up!”

  1. 1 XOXO

    hmmm.. not much of an aibu saki fan… she’s quite like the one-dimensional masami nagasawa (i hate how she squeals kenzzooou! good thing she got beat up in last friends. joke!!), they’re both too sugary sweet it can sometimes get annoying and unnatural… you can only take so much of their cutesy patootsy antics as they try to act all innocent (to the point of looking dumb and childish) but maybe saki toned it down a bit, idunno.

  2. haha the only thing i know about her is her late-night-golf-tryst with Takashi Sorimachi!!!! *shock* hahaha but i know what you mean.. it’s the same reason why i can’t stand kirsten dunst (randomly) cos she’s almost the same in every movie i’ve ever seen her in. O_O except maybe interview with the vampire haha

  3. 3 raychel96

    in my opinoin i like the manga better.they did so many changes to the story.

  4. *eh sorry i meant with Nagase!!! I mixed her up with the Kato Ai person O_O must have been spending too much time at the com getting groggy

  5. 5 lisa

    awww thanks X) <3333

    you can read it here!!!: http://www.onemanga.com/Absolute_Boyfriend/

    actually the only reason i read it was because it was by the same author as fushigi yugi but anyway its really typically shuojo but i guess thats why i like it/ girls like it so classic-ly shuojo lol. but anyway oooooooo nanba sempai is acting it!!!!!! then i shall go watch it.

  6. 6 Mysaki-san

    even without the rising ratings i’d still watch it XD
    i also liked yuu watase’s fushigi yuugi and just reading
    the synopsis of the manga made me interested, after
    learning about the liveaction and knowing that some
    of my favorite actors are going to be in the drama, i
    was excited and yeah they did change a lot of stuff
    but the concept is still there, so far it’s not really
    disappointing me :)) it’s really good ^^

  7. 7 Ka

    I love Absolute Boyfriend! But the manga is boring, and its the Riko there is so dumb. But the drama is sooo cool 😀 I love Naito!!! <3<3<3<3<3

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