Wada Akiko: Koda Kumi is Genki! (she is fine)



Haha the above two pics are NOT related (left, Koda Kumi, right, Wada Akiko on another variety show when she accidentally let on that she used to be an underaged drinker. )

Okay this was a really short news article: essentially Wada Akiko mentioned on her show “Akko ni Omakase!” (leave it to Akko! — her nickname) that Koda Kumi told her on the phone that she was fine/genki! Koda Kumi has not been seen in public since she apologised for her offensive statement (about wombs rotting by the time you’re 30) on 7th February 2008. Nevertheless, her album supposedly topped the charts after the brouhaha, so I guess a few months later and people will forget! MAYbE. This ain’t like the Hong Kong sex scandal baby!

Anyway, the interesting thing I gleaned from this article was actually about Wada Akiko. I’ve seen her around on all those youtube variety shows, but I didn’t know her name (nor did I really care, I think.) But after reading her biography I thought it was fascinating, and in any case it’s nice to know more people in the circuit, not just youngsters et al, and Wada Akiko was described as the “Oneesan” or Big Sister in the Geinou world which sort of harked back to Lydia Sum in Hong Kong — for one thing they are both noted for their size. Wada Akiko is really tall and apparently when she was first starting out people were cruel + mean to her and frequently mocked her by asking if she’d entered the right dressing room and telling her to go to the men’s one. Here is the biography I read: click here. Tried to find her show on youtube but there wasn’t any! =( will surf around again. bleah bleah

(jap source: here)


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