Shuuchishin’s CD sales and downloads crosses 1 million mark


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) It’s about time I posted an entry on the increasingly omnipresent Shuuchishin! A while back there were reports that Ayumi Hamasaki resorted to uhm “underhand” means to keep “Mirrorcle World” at the top of Oricon charts, pushing down Shuuchishin to number 2.

Well it don’t matter no more, because CD sales and download hits for Shuuchishin’s self-titled single, Shuuchishin (Engl translation: Shame) has broken the 1 million mark!

Since its release on 9th April 2008, Shuuchishin has stayed at number 2 spot for 2 consecutive weeks on Oricon’s Weekly Ranking, sold 360,000 CDs, and its download hits from 5th March 2008 to 20th April 2008 have totalled 691,702! This brings the total over 1 million.

Shuuchishin was formed from FujiTV’s Quiz Hexagon variety show, consisting of Tsuruno Takeshi, Nokubo Naoki and Kamiji Yusuke — the guy whose ameblo blog is ranked number one on some popularity poll, and who ranked at number 4 at a recent street survey for “best dressed” celebrities! It is all starting to add up. The group’s name was reportedly conceived when Kamiji was asking a question on Quiz Hexagon and said “Sajishin” instead of “Shuuchishin” (羞恥心), MC Shimada Shinsuke then rejoined with the quip,”From today onwards please take the name of Shuuchishin.”

Youtube video of the song below, I don’t know about you but it doesn’t “call out” to me. Haha sounds like this has the potential character of a “Tell-Me-Wondergirl-like” phenomenon though…. read one online site which said that the song is “annoyingly catchy”. but not to that great an extent yet lah! not for me at least \(o^_^o)/


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