Tanaka Koki Undercover DJ Incident


Haha this is a few days old – read it in the sg newspapers and thought it was funny. but then i read uwasako’s entry on it and maybe it’s late + im tired (and omg i have school tmr morn) but i thought it was LOL-funny. esp the little bird wants to fly part. HAHAHA.


Other related news: here and here (includes a short list of other Johnny Jrs breaking rules. Haha. like News’ Uchi’s underaged drinking etc.)

I don’t think it’s such a bad idea though, “breaking” Johnny’s rules and doing this kinda thing; sort of humanizes you (as opposed to mean daddy Johnny) and makes you more appealing to fans (to me at least). Before this when I thought of KAT-TUN i was jus like ah kame, ew akanishi (overly narcissistic). but now T-Koki seems wayy cOOLER, mORe Character man! more depth to the man HAHA ^_^


2 Responses to “Tanaka Koki Undercover DJ Incident”

  1. 1 syuha

    I know about Koki’s news being a DJ but then I don’t know details.
    Thing is I can’t understand chinese cause it’s in chinese newspaper right.
    I’m some random person just looking out for Koki’s news nyaa~
    If you don’t mind, can you sorta translate for me?

    I think few days back there’s news about Kame and Matsujun on the chinese MYPAPER. know anything?

  2. 2 sdfsdf

    fsfsafsdafdsf dsfdsfdsfdsffds fdsfdsujkujk

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