Tanaka Koki’s younger brother joins Johnny’s


(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) The name’s Tanaka Juri(田中樹), and he joined Johnny’s in April 2008. Before joining Johnny’s, Juri has acted in TBS’ 特急田中3号 (Tokkyuu Tanaka 3 Gou) as Tanaka Koki’s younger brother.

In an interview, Koki said that “my brother sweats more than I do (meaning, possibly, that he works harder than Koki). So I don’t think he’ll get bullied by his senpais (seniors). But if he does, I’ll note down their names in a list.” He laughs.

Koki’s other brother, Tanaka Subaru (田中彗 — not sure if it’s subaru, some jap blog said it was but if anybody knows otherwise please leave a comment + ill rectify it )also acted in Tokkyuu. Can’t really tell from the photos cos the pixels are so grimy but Juri seems a bit cuter than Koki. Koki’s high eyebrow arch scares me sometimes. Haha.

10 Responses to “Tanaka Koki’s younger brother joins Johnny’s”

  1. 1 blaire

    ugh. as if we haven’t had enough of koki already. puhleese. now a pool of tanaka’s will be riding in his popularity express too. (sorry for the pun, lol) also heard that the lil bro of kanjani’s maru attempted to join too. stress on attempt. failed. and jin’s brother is also creating buzz, but not as johnny’s. way back then it was yamapi’s sister who tried her luck in the biz by doing gravure (like every other million hopeful girls). wouldn’t it have been cool if pi had a brother? btw, ryo’s brothers look like they will do well as rockstars (too bad they decided to leave the stardom to ryo). obviously sharing good genes. no surprise there. for pics: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-84296/Ryos-real-life-family.html

    what is it with these guys and their siblings? don’t they know it kinda sucks to be so-and-so’s little bro/sis? unless you’re ashley simpson (this is still questionable) or the wayans brothers or owen/luke wilson who does well without each other’s shadows…

  2. omg thanks for the link!!! ryo doesn’t really look like his siblings though O_O

  3. 3 blaire

    yeah, looks like he got all the good looks and his siblings got left-overs. lol. but all of them has the same nose. i think ryo mentioned that his family all look alike in kanjani’s guest appearance in domoto kyoudai.

  4. 4 blaire

    oooh, can’t believe i forgot to tell you about this! check this link:

    if you’re a die-hard fan, i suggest you skip looking at ryo’s pics in here despite curiosity. let’s just say i fell off my seat when i saw them, had a little brain freeze, and reality smacked me real bad on the face. hint* think of our little party boy jin. (lol, that made you want to look at them more, eh? still love ryo no matter what!)

  5. 5 makthemutant

    i presume you are done with your exams?
    i’m on the verge of a mental breakdown i tell you. and i haven’t even started mugging that hard. for some reason, everything goes in…and leaks out equally fast.

  6. 6 lisa

    lol haha ryos brother looks so bad ass!!!!

    and….anyway, i think bad boys are the best HEHEHEHE \(^_^)/

  7. 7 shelby

    uhhh didn’t someone else play the other Tanaka kid in Tokkyuu?

    yeah, no, pretty sure his name was Kimura something.

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