Kimura Takuya to put on weight; Tanaka Koki has 4 silver front-teeth



Can you imagine him fat? Well according to this article, KimuTaku may just have to put on weight for his new role as the President in the much hyped-about FujiTV dorama!! o_O (kimutaku reminds me a bit of Jang Dong Gun in this photo. haha)

Anyway, apparently Tanaka Koki has 4 silver front teeth now.  (English source : x / Jap source: y) He’s weird, or maybe it’s a new fashion in Tokyo. I take back what I said about him being cool cos of the whole undercover DJ business. HAHA. Sigh! It’s time to sleep!


4 Responses to “Kimura Takuya to put on weight; Tanaka Koki has 4 silver front-teeth”

  1. he looks hotter fatter? lol he sure does look hot… *drools*

  2. no wait *y am i always slow* i thought that in this pic he was already fatter… cause he look puffier… but… i can’t imagine him fat fat… noway… oh well more power to him lolz

  3. hahaha yes it’s just a random pic not the after-he-grew-fat-pic!! HAHA apparently the director demanded a double-chin but then not sure how much of this is just crappy rumour anyway! ^_^

  4. hi im yvonne im finding my boyfriend b4!!!!!!!! koki hayashi is the name i meet in rota cnmi you know him.he work in meitetsu rota

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