Hebe Tian with Aragaki Yui + Hirosue Ryoko: slight resemblance?



Aragaki Yui in Specs! (looks a bit like Hebe already right!)


This was unfortunately the only pic of Hebe in specs I could find.. .HMMMM. Hahaha but I admit they don’t REALLy look alike in those full-frontal shots, hence my cunning selection of photos. But just slight resemblance in some ^_^ More photos!


Both girls in funny faces! HAHA! ^_^ Kawaii!



Slightly off-tangent, but came across a photo of Ryoko Hirosue and thought she looked A BIT like hebe in this photo. HAHA

5 Responses to “Hebe Tian with Aragaki Yui + Hirosue Ryoko: slight resemblance?”

  1. 1 shan

    Aragaki Yui’s specs are very cool! heh heh

  2. Haha only cool on HER@!!!! my specs look a bit like hers also but i look NO WAY like her HAHA and actually looking back at those photos aragaki yui doesn’t REALLY look like hebe O_O HAHAHAHA just in that specs photo. ohwell duncare!!!^_^

  3. 3 shan

    i thought the first photo was of hebe in specs till i saw the words below! (yeah the rest dont bear any more resemblance heh) but hebe so prettyyy

  4. 4 lili thao

    i think hebe is a bit more prettier and she has a more confident look.

  5. 5 amanda

    love hebe 4 ever!!

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